B2C’s big trend coping with the inevitable challenges

recent year, the electronic commerce B2C. In April 2008, Taobao opened the mall; while the traditional enterprises have poured into the B2C, in August 2008, digital China launched B2C mall shopping network in October of the same year, second city (3cmart) also launched B2C online shopping channels; moreover, the development of vertical e-commerce also noticeable, B2C website sales are rising in a straight line, one of the most typical example is the Jingdong B2C mall to become the industry upstart, beyond Dangdang, excellence and other old B2C China become independent B2C site leader, turnover of only 08 in the second quarter reached 280 million, and is still increasing; in addition, the men’s direct B2C website Vancel is developing very rapidly, the capital market also began to inject capital, such as nine drill net, Jingdong mall, Chihiro network etc.. While traditional companies such as clothing brand flagship store in Taobao, another independent e-commerce fashion brand Giordano has made great success. This is only part of, and more B2C is quietly.

now, from the traditional enterprise e-commerce website, B2C, to the traditional e-commerce giant, to investors and the media, all of the B2C value, there are always new traditional enterprises, B2C e-commerce website, business of venture capital investment into B2C, especially the B2C shopping platform service provider DB to the highest to promote the value of e-commerce to traditional enterprise. Due to the basic links in the B2C, such as payment, logistics and other aspects have a considerable basis, it can be said, B2C spring has begun to come. A revolution in the restructuring of commercial society has begun.

B2C is a major historical trend to change the overall business social structure. In the future, e-commerce sales may be more than the next line mall. In extreme cases, the next line mall may become a product store experience, rather than the main city shopping. Today, these ideas seem very crazy, but the trend of the future, with more people into the network, e-commerce will have the largest business power, B2C first is perfect, people’s demand driven and commercial basis and will change the face of business, the future business success, e-commerce is one of the most important a ring. It not only changes the business situation, but also changes the social form, and ultimately promote the advance of business and society. All this is not a fantasy, and now only do business under the line can survive, but in order to long-term development, bigger and stronger, we must proceed with the preparation of e-commerce, otherwise, the future will be eliminated is the inevitable result.

but, is not all of the traditional business, e-commerce entrepreneurs, as well as VCs have to take this train bound for the spring B2C?

e-commerce B2C far more than the establishment of a web site, put on the catalog, add a sales channel so simple. This, not only for traditional manufacturers, the B2C site is the case, B2C does not seem to be so beautiful. All stakeholders in the B2C industry chain are required

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