Ali Encore capital fund of Taobao riddle decryption maneuvers

Abstract: thriving fund Taobao business was then moved to ant gold suit. Only the careful layout, do behind the high valuation of the ant capital maneuvers surgery, and whether it will trigger the invasion of stocks Ali small shareholders, then triggered " Alipay "

event type butterfly effect?


from the 2013 "double 11" efund Taobao flagship store sales break billion yuan, in May 18, 2016 Taobao flagship store will shut down across the board, only more than two years.

it is understood that the Alibaba’s Taobao fund sales will serve under the banner of the ant treasure in May 18th a comprehensive migration to ant gold non-listed company. According to the current mobile phone Taobao fund store calculations, involving 35 fund companies.

and the South Fund recently also announced that Alipay will be offline payment fund business in May 18th, Taobao will be launched on the same day Taobao fund management platform; at the same time, Taobao stores fund fund purchase function will be closed, but the user redemption and query record function will continue to retain.


according to the "Shenzhen daily" reported the ant payment service people official responded that due to the rapid development of Internet banking and mobile Internet, Taobao stores have to fund honorable retirement time. In the future, the fund will be transferred to the relevant business "ant treasure mobile investment APP. According to reports, the platform and the and three party sales organizations in the same. And this adjustment is also consistent with the Alibaba intends to separate the Internet financial services to the ants listed on the same line of consistent service.

but fund companies broke the news that the fund is currently operating in poor condition Taobao store is not a natural demise, but the result of careful layout Alibaba. The fund is 2014 "double 11" sales fund 40 million yuan, basically the average daily sales in ten million, but in 2015 September, sales dropped to millions, recently dropped to a few million yuan. "Ant treasure in August 18th last year after the launch, Taobao flagship store is pushed to the fund flow causes sales decline." She told Mustang finance.

if the only reason is that the mobile Internet is the mainstream, the phone Taobao can solve this problem, UBS Investment Fund, a person told the Mustang finance.

the person fund companies agree that Taobao, Ali will fund sales business to ant payment service, but not the fund is not really suitable for Taobao to sell, but the Taobao store planning fund performance in a "substantial" decline, not to lead to the shareholders and fund companies rebound, so as to realize the high-quality business transfer the. Manulife TEDA Fund pointed out that this change, the fund company, is from the "direct" to "sell", the ant payment service valuation of the benefit is obviously.

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