The road to success in the domestic social e commerce site said the beautiful

I think a lot of female friends are not unfamiliar to the beautiful, it is a very well-known social e-commerce sites, mainly for the domestic female fashion users. With the continuous increase in the number of active users, the industry is also concerned about the beauty of the continuous improvement. Some people say that beauty and has created a social network based e-commerce model in china. So as the largest number of domestic users of social networking sites e-commerce, beauty, what are the characteristics of it, first of all, we look at some of the basic information that beautiful.



beautiful said to be founded in November 2009, is a domestic female friends of e-commerce sites. It can help domestic female friends to find the right fashion clothing and skin care products. Users can search the relevant experts on the platform, goods, buy, you can share this information to social networking platform. So in the beauty of these products come from where it is beautiful and does not have their own products, which is the main product of China’s largest e-commerce site Taobao". When the tenant into these product information, it will jump to the third party e-commerce site, visitors can buy products there, when the user through the channel to buy the product after the beautiful will get commission.


according to network data statistics, beautiful said the current registered users have 150 million. Every day, more than 3 million 200 thousand users visit the page views for the second time, then the average of each visitor’s page views for the 50 pages, I have to sigh the terrible woman. According to statistics, the beauty of the monthly turnover of 700 million yuan can bring Taobao.

below we take a look at the data of Alexa, as shown below, the graph shows that the flow of the daily trend of beauty, we can see a significant upward trend.


profit model

beautiful said the business model is a social e-commerce model. People who share a common interest in a woman’s friend (who is looking for the latest fashion to buy clothes) can evaluate the product together or share it on their social networking platform. In the above we mentioned that beauty does not have their own products, products are from the third party site, if the user said that the purchase of these products through the beautiful side of the third, beautiful said it would be able to get a commission. As for the definition of beauty that we can simply say that beauty is a shopper’s shopping guide entrance, let shoppers know the latest trends in what is? Where can buy buy? How to better the collocation of clothing and so on. Beautiful said that with good design and layout, help stimulate the user’s interest in the purchase, and then guide consumers to spend. In addition to the commission from the third party site, the beauty of the profits from advertising, buy side

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