Online Butian PPCA stereo archives planning

PPCA online Butian stereoscopic file


PPCA concept:

PPCA online Butian occupation career portfolio is to provide a network of their own career job for college students and graduate students and social personnel job, write campus deeds, individuals will according to their professional expertise and experience to write their own PPCA, tracking, and through the PPCA to demonstrate your ability to work and social experience at the same time, it makes the enterprise users a more comprehensive understanding of the candidates, let oneself have a can inform the enterprise all-round display their abilities and experience, enhance the efficiency of the

job! PPCA online Butian occupation career archives for college students will be the workplace occupation career planning and development theme oiwn PPCA space, interaction, exchange and sharing platform, and according to the demand of different stages to position their job intention, life will trigger little drops of the passions their ordinary life happens in the life PPCA occupation career planning to write a diary file.

online Butian PPCA for college students, outstanding features, to create a spiritual atmosphere and the occupation career planning, so as to have the strongest appeal of college students occupation circle interactive platform, for all the students, let the students have the courage to show their PPCA occupation career portfolio, make students aware of how you should live on their own, through the PPCA occupation career archives effectively the digging through the depth of your own potential, to achieve self-reliance in your job search and showed the road ahead, so that enterprises through the stereoscopic file to understand the full range of candidates ability, reduce personnel costs, enhance the visibility in the circle of PPCA in the workplace.

PPCA build brand:

Sky online PPCA is for the purpose of student services, students face such consumer groups, what we can do now is how to let them think that PPCA is really a brand for their services, let them find their spiritual sustenance in PPCA, find their spiritual sustenance, regardless of the resource, information or friends, new friends, in the PPCA is concerned, but not the pursuit of. This is a very good thing for college students.

want to let students give full play to their initiative, the PPCA occupation career files into their own homes and allow them to experience me every day in the PPCA on 30 minutes, 60 minutes, every day with me on PPCA alumni play together, chat, with the release of my feeling, I talked about the ideal. Or look at other people’s photos, send invitations to the party and give me some love friends. Such a number of acts, we want them to take the initiative to promote, they put our products (PPCA) shaping the more perfect, the future of PPCA in the whole campus social industry chain, the more obvious the value.

PPCA function:


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