PHP my confusion and confidence

at the beginning of 2000, ASP is still the mainstream of Web development, when I was just under the Windows98 through the phone line with built-in cat internet. When online suddenly everyone saw the rumors of a new Web development language – PHP. At that time, PHP or 3 version, can be used in conjunction with the mySQL database (then muySQL is an ugly duckling). It is easy to install and configure, according to the online search of the "tutorial" can be done quickly, can be very convenient on the basic operation increase, deletion and modification of the. But for the time being strong and do not have to configure the operating environment of the ASP, PHP is easy to be seen as a Web development of small toys, small episode.

years later, the development of PHP has been in a state of lukewarm. Say it’s good people think: it is safe, efficient, compact and elegant, support functions, etc.. Say it is not good people think: it supports manufacturers less, less learning materials, the development of the site, etc.. But are casually, in the end how much credibility, according to the test.

although I contact PHP earlier, but as of two years ago, has not been officially used PHP what applications, many reasons:

1, ASP I used early, familiar with a large number of code and data accumulation. If you enter the PHP camp, there will be repeated development, resulting in waste.

2, I served the unit, all applications are ASP development, there is no need for PHP applications. If you rush to PHP development, the introduction of the integration of the 2 languages, so that the complexity of the problem.

3, I served units, all operating systems are Windows series, there is no cross OS platform problems, there is no need to use PHP (including JSP) necessary.

4, PHP development is a small company, worried about its failure to cause PHP no follow-up support, and the lack of information and developers.

5, PHP popularity and uncertain future, worried that the investment was wasted. If the ASP out, learn JSP more promising than learning PHP.

6, PHP is not a well-known large-scale project development case, only suitable for the development of small and medium-sized Web site system. The JSP can develop web site, with Oracle database and JAVA middleware, you can build large-scale enterprise applications, you can protect the learning costs.

7, PHP is a major process oriented language, the previous version of the class support is not perfect, the development of large, complex applications are not ideal for the 4.

8, when the PHP space provided by the virtual host less.

9, PHP variables in front of you need to add a $I particularly dislike the (non block > like Delphi

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