Network marketing is a natural opportunity or promotion

Spring Festival celebration just past, with a new atmosphere, a new beginning, a new chat quietly popular, random video chat, friends said yesterday they colleagues, the random became popular chat mode.

create the miracle is a 17 year old Russian school boy, the whim of the idea, so he took three days to set up this website, you can say that this random video chat mode, has been the pursuit of new touted young people.

The popular

Chatroulette, in fact, is not a coincidence, if there is no news reports, as well as the promotion of various network marketing, also not thousands of people from the simple, soared to tens of thousands of people online at the same time. In fact, if careful analysis, it is not difficult to find, the success of the Chatroulette, not only for Russian young talent, but more is because the network marketing success, will have its success and popularity.

Tencent is ICQ upgrade and improve, but Tencent can achieve and 100 million people online, in addition to the original copy of a simple chat function, is able to innovation, and the ability to grasp now young people or be fond of people interested in chatting, keeping pace with the times, can be accommodated by the society. And if only unknown to the public defense, one day can only be abandoned by the rapid development of network marketing era.

The development of

NetEase is not the beginning of the Everything is going smoothly., NetEase mailbox, to know that not all of the Chinese, have the habit of login mailbox every day, and not everyone has a fixed NetEase mailbox. So it is easy to be loved after a period of time, disappeared, so the NetEase launched a blog and other functions, so it can be combined with each other, and will promptly launched some popular activities, allowing users to participate in, and there will be given the prize. Colleagues in real time to break some of the celebrity related information, in fact, is also in the network marketing themselves, and ultimately continue to be well known.

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