O2O local market will no longer become a situation of tripartite confrontation Baidu outsider

recently, Alibaba has invested Sina micro-blog and high moral map, so far has completed the O2O local market ecological layout. BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) Alibaba and Tencent has formed a more serious confrontation, Tencent continues to WeChat as the core competitiveness in the foreground, at this time Baidu is doing?

in the previous article, the author thought the Robin Li 2012 Baidu summit the heroic utterance just to cheer, always thought that Baidu active layout in Ali and Tencent only copies of soy sauce. In fact, Baidu has been to the outside of his negative judgment, but never gave up, in the acquisition of high moral Ali Baidu officially announced the same day, Baidu announced today that its LBS number of active users has billions of dollars, Baidu LBS day positioning request more than two billion times.

so BAT three Internet giants once again gathered hundreds of billions of scale O2O market, the strategic layout in the O2O market has been initially completed, has the layout O2O market Baidu broke out in the waiting, the potential quietly formed a situation of tripartite confrontation.

Ali: with a high moral map, complete the O2O ecological chain layout

from time to time, Ali group in the layout of the local life as early as 2006, the acquisition of word of mouth began to layout the local life service O2O market, and in 2011 incorporated into Taobao’s local life. After 2010, the grand launch of Juhuasuan, 2012 will be upgraded to separate business group to introduce more separate group purchase website, Juhuasuan in 2013 to set up an independent business unit, a series of changes to strengthen the local service market. In addition to invest in the U.S. group net and Tintin Network, coupled with the recent wave of marriage, holding Ali High German map, with the widespread use of Alipay APP, the Alibaba officially completed the layout of the whole industry chain O2O. Recalling a series of investment lines Ma, the author believes that the future will continue to strengthen the way Ali through the acquisition of its own strength in the field of O2O.

Tencent: WeChat fully integrated O2O

relative to Ali, Tencent two years later, in 2008 launched QQ movie tickets. Followed by the launch of QQ food in October 2010 to strengthen the layout of the O2O market. In 2011 WeChat launched at the same time, the Tencent investment group purchase site Gaopeng and F group. The number of users in 2013 with the WeChat outbreak, F group, QQ group and Gaopeng formally merged into a unified brand, but as the group purchase industry competition, the Tencent also has no greater harvest. The Tencent at present by virtue of the advantages of mobile terminals, in addition to the money paid through the search and map, after still prevail.

Baidu: before the map, all the way bumpy ride

Baidu map quietly launched in August, 09, in cooperation with the Beijing News in Beijing to set up a platform to explore the local life of. Since the beginning of 2010, Baidu has a transition from the line to the local life services, to the final renamed independence >

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