From the view of basic necessities of life to how the product will be the integration of the concept

this is a process that needs to be developed slowly. Today, the main purpose of writing this text is to want to and you put the product concept and the concept of life integration, slowly from the life will also improve their product force.

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love watching martial arts movies like Qingyun, compared with Chi and new fax sent a lot of Condor heroes. Which is to say the new legend in the watercress score can be as high as 8 points. There are three main reasons, respect for the original.

consumption in the era of IP, respect for the original is the most fundamental core pulling IP. Because the editor and then how to change, there will not be the author of the original text of the text to attract. So IP era, the original reduction is very important.


content in the film martial arts effect, not too many special effects, are really playing. Let people see a kind of martial arts taste. That’s what we like to do. A good IP, it is necessary to have a good effect. Rather than the 5 cents special flashy without substance.

in the film, the scene is very high degree of reduction. The main thing is to spend money on the edge, rather than the big name to spend a lot of money. The new interpretation of the film also give enough fresh. Good IP is not a star to the effect, sometimes, may be the power of the network, can also be a good reputation, especially to do the product.

in fact, a simple film, we can see the mobile Internet era of IP power. Then we talk about everyone can not leave the clothing, food, shelter, line. Although very close to everyone’s life, but many people are missing. As a product manager, must not give up every opportunity to think.

line: subway

we are inseparable from the subway travel, but also our most commonly used tools of life, especially living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places of Internet practitioners.

Beijing subway has a characteristic, when the peak will use the current limiting measures. So as to ensure the normal operation of the subway. Do not know if we will not think about such a problem, how to better increase the capacity of the subway, to run faster?

here, we need to use the decomposition factor, such as: the number of vehicles carrying subway capacity = X car number X X train station number. General limit measures, because of the saturation capacity, the number of restrictions imposed by the number of carriers. This is a helpless plan. Like the server load on these, in fact, the fastest solution is to increase the server. In fact, this is also the case. We need to find a solution to the problem.

1, from the product point of view

we increase the number of servers, it is to increase the carrier number and increase carrier trains at the same time, also is the increase in the number of cars carrying. This capacity will increase. There is another way is that the number of people in this station is too much, by extending the number of stations, disperse the crowd, you can also achieve the effect of increasing the capacity of the mtr.

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