Word of mouth marketing should start from the site itself to improve the user experience to optimize

modern enterprise marketing tools can be described as a wide variety of complex, some companies even in the choice of marketing tools will be touched by the confusion do not know what the most effective. From the conventional marketing to network marketing, in fact, the most important thing is to make you want to promote the concept of the product can be spread out. So is the promotion of the website marketing, whether it is the forum or blog marketing, email marketing, marketing and offline marketing, the purpose is to introduce their own website content or site management service to target users, so that they understand their own website, website has learned the content they want to buy the product and service needs. Therefore, the promotion of marketing activities must really affect the user’s way of thinking and change the user’s ideas so that you can accept your site to achieve better results. This is why a lot of sites to do a lot of promotion, a variety of ways have tried, but there is no reason why. Because it did not change the idea of the user, may the user clicks on the website, but the idea itself has not changed, and did not think there is what he needs, will choose to leave, no promotion target group successfully converted to the users of the site.

a variety of modes of transmission, what kind of impact on the information receiver the deepest thoughts are most likely to change each other? As the saying goes: seeing is believing, ears. To a certain extent, it can be understood that the impact of face-to-face interpersonal communication on the receiver is the largest. Although has entered the information age now, but various forms of communication network which is actually a new kind of face-to-face interpersonal communication, through chat software, you can text, voice, video communication, through community forums can be more interactive than telephone, fax, etc. now spread to further narrow the distance between people. Coupled with the rapid and convenient network communication, people increasingly rely on network communication. The network communication can also be extended to the actual face of the line. This makes up for the lack of the reality of the network communication is too virtual liberalization shortcomings. WEB2.0 era, community marketing, blog marketing, Taobao and other reasons for success, a large extent is dependent on the transfer of a good reputation among users. The actual use of experience and views on the information receiver judgment and decision will have a huge impact. Word of mouth marketing has become a popular way to promote enterprises and websites, how word-of-mouth marketing has become the key to the success or failure of the site promotion, in particular, relying on local market local industry station.

is not afraid of deep alley, a good reputation even if there is no search engine promotion to bring traffic, can also attract a large number of users and potential users into the possibility of real users will also increase. Adsense nets admin5.com satisfied that word-of-mouth marketing website is a long-term accumulation, gradual process. If it is deliberately guide the user to the user to instill the reputation of the site, word of mouth marketing will only become word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing should start from improving the site itself, improve the user experience, optimize products and services, with self improvement of the accumulation of a good reputation of the user will lead to the network

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