The misunderstanding of enterprise website promotion

said many companies see the website is a vase, a little too much, because they did not play the role of enterprise website itself, just hang on to it, there is a trend of feeling, that is the other enterprise website, I also have the enterprise website. However, it is gratifying that in recent years, some companies began to develop the potential of the site. The promotion of the promotion of the website, is a kind of momentum, at least part of the company began to build this piece of Internet companies.       however, more corporate decision-making, including some beginners SEO also made some mistakes. I probably summed up, there are the following: 1 website promotion, advertising is everywhere. I think this should be a superficial understanding. I’ve been through a company in Shenzhen a few years ago. Our manager asked members of the network promotion department to send 150 ads a day, and then use Notepad to record them and check them. I think this is a mistake most companies make. Therefore, there is this misunderstanding, there is this market. So that the whole child to promote the development of mass, garbage advertising unprecedented hot. But is it really good for the company’s Web site? Maybe a little bit, but the bulk of spam, but also let everyone feel that this company is very rubbish.

2 network promotion effect, is to bring thousands or tens of thousands, or even more traffic. In fact, if you let me get a week’s work, you can bring a website from the search every day to bring more than 2000 or more traffic. But I don’t usually do that. I will not go to the pursuit of the so-called large flow, but the entire page optimization, from the search to bring the real needs of users. Here, I will introduce the concept of effective flow. I understand the effective flow refers to the re introduction of Baidu or Google traffic on the site itself has a role in promoting or consuming groups. And relative to it, is "invalid flow". For example, some sites, to see what the recent hot, and what to open the theme of the site is not related to the topic, may bring traffic to the site, it is only the result of invalid traffic". I do not deny that in some cases, invalid " " flow rate; in certain cases will be converted to " the effective flow ", but it will waste a lot of broadband resources, but also will cause the destruction of the image of the company website content messy.

3 website promotion, just need to take the time to do or simply toil, mechanical work, and quick. In fact, the whole process of website promotion is a systematic work, including "analysis (market analysis, keyword analysis, customer psychology analysis, customer search habits analysis) – Web site content planning and optimization of the internal connection and promote the image of the external connection". Therefore, it is a long-term work, the short term is difficult to bear fruit, need a certain amount of time to accumulate.

4 website promotion does not need to understand very complex programming. The famous SEO Wang Tong, everyone has heard of this name, right? Ha ha, he also said that

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