How to understand the nternet thinking is word of mouth king

Internet thinking is the reputation of the king, this simple words gave me two important concepts – Internet thinking, reputation. So I would like to talk about these two words about my feelings and inspiration for this chapter.

first, the Internet thinking.

the word with the rapid development of the Internet has been mentioned numerous times, but the real use of Internet thinking to create, develop a company is very few, the success of the company is very few. Internet thinking, not a mere formality, not gorgeous appearance, it is the blood of the enterprise, the flow of any part of the enterprise. The company is such a thinking to the Internet for blood, remarkable from the mode of operation of the company, Lei Jun will be summed up as seven words formula "monograph, extreme, reputation, fast".

millet and traditional Internet companies, what is the difference? In the first chapter, Li Wanqiang and millet before the Kingsoft Corp made a comparison, reveal the differences between millet and before the company’s product cycle from the past "milepost" published annually, a weekly fast iteration; no longer "battle", but for the whole full customer service; user experience research is no longer a month of each quarter, but every day in the product and user communication; "storm" marketing to sneak into the interactive marketing; no longer deliberately create a "tall", we say the vernacular. From the operation mode of millet, millet can be seen, the focus of the work of all around the user in the expansion, all to the user experience. I think this should be the essence and core of the Internet thinking.

good user experience is the core competitiveness of Internet Co. Tencent Inc inside there is a saying: all to customer value. In the "Tencent" method in this book, it tells the story of the Tencent in order to develop a series of daily game software, carefully designed a lot at the beginning of each type, a first type to let the user experience, let the user’s initial screening and leaving love and listen to user feedback, and then in the original basis for improvement optimization of allowing users to feel again, until finally let all users satisfied. The pursuit of the ultimate artisan spirit deeply embodies the Tencent Inc with the concept of customer value.

millet company is the case, millet company was founded at the beginning, do not do the phone, do the MIUI system, in the forum and fans interact, listen to the recommendations of fans and constantly improve the system. 1 years after the forum has accumulated a total of 1 million users, MIUI system is also becoming more mature, millet began to do phone. In the mobile phone to do it later, also maintained a weekly one iteration to listen to user’s suggestions to improve efficiency of mobile phone system, this is not for the user experience and for what? Users are not stupid, they will support a mobile phone, and become loyal to the company has certain Rice noodles, is to move them, create value for they.

second words, word of mouth.

traditional enterprises are also valued reputation, but the Internet is far more than the traditional reputation of corporate reputation. The Internet has broken the region, space and time

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