How to play the nternet network marketing talent

more and more companies are playing the Internet, but most companies do not know how to play. Recruit Internet related personnel responsible for the network marketing is everyone’s choice, however, the guardian of Queensland found that the enterprise network marketing talent or a variety of problems, where is the reason?

why can not recruit network marketing talent, the root cause is the following aspects:

I don’t know who to recruit. Enterprises only know to do the Internet, recruit what people? What skills do you want to go to the Internet to find the relevant recruitment requirements, do not have the same 1000 recruitment requirements, there are 800 words, looking at all dizziness.

two, just talk about work not to pay. Traditional companies are playing the Internet to test the water phase, like painting dreams. Employees to do more things, what has been, to talk about the basic wage is not below.

three, as long as I am. Many enterprises play on the Internet when hiring requirements are: as long as I SEO I, as long as the network promotion, I as long as the new media, I will play as long as WeChat, without considering the demand, do not consider whether they need to.

four, no reserve talent. Do not reserve talent is a common problem for many enterprises, but to have the loss of employees just want to recruit. Employee turnover and then find someone to work docking problems, there is no natural reserve talent competition between employees, lack of motivation.

five, unable to retain employees. As for the reasons for the inability to retain employees is basically money is not in place, do not feel comfortable. Employees do not have a sense of team, of course, only constantly recruit.

more than 5 aspects of the enterprise is not a common reason for people to recruit, guardian Yuan Kun made a simple summary. In fact, for the enterprise, can learn the recruitment methodology in Li Yunlong’s sword:

professional people to do professional things, if things do not make direct people (many enterprises do not attach importance to talent reserves and training will be temporary, the enemy approached the walls). There are usually three ways to get talent: employee screening, value attraction, high salary. Such as the sword in the Zhang Dabiao, monk, Sun Desheng.


traditional enterprises to play the Internet can not recruit people there is a very important reason: the development prospects. Removal of wages and job matching reasons, network marketing professionals are more emphasis on their own prospects for development. Many companies on the network this one does not pay attention to, especially some small businesses just OCS is to let employees see prospects for development.

companies want to play the Internet need to recruit network marketing talent, if you want to do Internet marketing, how to recruit people?.

first, the owner or the person in charge of the enterprise must do.

this situation is common in a number of small businesses, because of the lack of capital and talent investment, business owners should personally battle, their first study network >

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