99 9% classic copy propagation routines

to create the brand and make the process of publicity, creative depletion, unexpected good expression to convey product features and brand image, which is a common problem.

as a marketing person and how to use the idea to create their own super brand, reduce their cost of marketing communication which is often to face the problem.

today and we are talking about: advertising communication routines.

first of all, we look at these well-known advertising.

" this year’s holiday gifts, gifts received only melatonin.

" afraid to get angry, drink Wang Laoji.

" charge five minutes, talk for two hours.

look out, advertising is not the pursuit of writing how beautiful, how much expression of artistic conception, but these advertising language, easy to understand, they spread, thus forming a product and brand awareness.

so how to build their own advertising language, so that consumers can easily remember it?

before studying this topic, we have to look at the audience, that is, the response of consumers.

is also the case in the spread, in the face of consumer attitudes and loss of confidence, businesses usually take measures are usually:

" wake up consumer pain points

" followed by constant repetition to deepen the impression

" the spread of the spoken language to spread more widely

" use actions and statements to give you a reason to buy and impulse

1 wake-up consumer pain points

consumers do not care about the ads only care about themselves, to see how these products to attract consumers.

stomach acid stomach, with Sidashu.

How do

got ringworm of the nails, got ringworm of the nails, an infectious two, ask how you do, immediately use light.

children grow taller don’t catch a cold! The old man waist good leg good spirit! The woman complexion is delicate and ruddy and lustrous.

seize the pain points, stomach pain, onychomycosis, nutritional supplements to hear the beginning of concern about these brands. Language is too gorgeous, modified and beautiful, useless, because consumers do not care.

consumers tend to be selective when it comes to advertising, and only when they see what they have to do, can they get their attention.

2 takes the power of repetition

according to psychological research, people can usually recall the words do not exceed seven groups, and the speed of forgetting is amazing.

for this, the business is usually taken to repeat the

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