Do you attach importance to website stickiness Analyzing the characteristics of sticky content

the viscosity of a web site refers to the popularity of the content of the site itself to the user’s appeal. At present, many websites lack some sticky things to stick to live Internet users, so this makes the site itself can not dig deeper into the profit space, then we have to find a way to solve this problem.

first of all to make it clear that what the site needs to build a sticky, which does not need to build a sticky. Usually those who don’t need to think too much about the need to build the content is not sticky, like all news or news and some fun at leisure and so on, the content does not need to build the viscous; more practical information and content or we need long time to make a decision is that we need to build a sticky, so we can use these sticky content in virtually increase the affinity between user and user behavior, influence slowly ( is a station is working to build a site sticky example), this is the sticky content influence user behavior and bring the actual marketing effect, and a series of potential marketing will bring about a lot of effect a lot of.

said the following sticky content features, we can refer to:

first: sticky content to be outstanding, outstanding things in order to give users a certain degree of stickiness.

second: viscous contents must have concise: this also relates to the techniques of advertising, often the most concise and comprehensive language can make people forget to like an ad for having heard it many times as well, so the content can form an image of the potential user in the depths of memory, the effect reached


third: to make the user believe what you say is true, is to give the user a sense of trust, so you will be a big success.

fourth: like soft Wen study, weaving a touching story, will move to the user marketing damage of double


fifth: the content of reality, or that sentence, content is king! You build content must have certain quality and public awareness, as soft as text, written a piece of soft Wen, he produced by the damage than the direct advertising words several times higher than

or even hundreds of times!In fact,

said, so many of these things like theory, are actually very practical things, I dare say true to study the user stickiness webmaster is really rare, so I hope you pay more attention about this thing, a website to be successful, cannot do without the website viscous.

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