Talking about how to use mass promotion website

has been busy recently, several months did not write the soft. The last few days, a friend introduced his brother to me, I want to ask him to help his brother’s site to do the work of optimization and promotion. In the process of talking with him, before he learned that there are people to do the work of promotion, but the effect has been bad, but also do a competitive ranking, the conversion rate has been very low. But also bought a forum of the group, he said to me, this is my calendar harm ah, can be soft, one day can send a lot of Web sites, I asked you, you have a look at the effect, how many sites are included in Baidu, the number of sites included in Google? There is a problem, there is no check, you will have been removed, extended to look at the results, not the process, not you look at the mass inside you made a number of Web sites you good results.

a little bit free tonight, specifically to write this article and engage in the Internet to discuss the issue of friends. More serious manner, QQ group, MSN group, small I robot, the forum message, the forum group, blog group, e-mail group, Ali Wangwang, SMS and so on, it can be said that the bulk of the technique has been used in the extreme. But many people reflect the mass effect is not very good, in addition to mail EDM mail EDM (note, looking for a good platform, at the same time, if the user viscosity of the website or platform is relatively high, the message EDM is the best, such as air member EDM, a member of the bank EDM and so on), other effects are not ideal, with the Internet of junk information processing efforts, the incidence of effect is getting worse, sometimes can be neglected. Moreover, if you do not pay attention, then the mass of the entire SEO are relatively large impact. Why? For example, the forum message, we can at the same time, a lot of articles to the forum, may this time will be the search engine test included, however, when the main version of audit content, content not found, your posts will be deleted when the search engine again. Confirm, then index the content, find your post is not here, if the post specified when you promote the site link, you will also make the search led Zhi leave a bad impression, for several times, your website can will be reduced weight. The first, the second, the search engine will on your site update frequency, update the size of the content, the number of included you, your media influence to do an assessment, when the chain when your site assessment of your website itself weight much taller, you in the existence of illegal practices, your site will be right down to the.

how good mass tools? Everyone practices are not the same, the general rules, specific attention scales, targeted. Is to pay attention to the scale, according to their website, the time frequency and the number of control group, at the same time, to look at those sites will not be deleted, the website is easy to search engine included, can do a record >

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