Some of the tricks of divergent thinking to improve website traffic the wrong door

first statement: this paste from the outdated

flow often need to "crooked door to me the wrong door for traffic" has two points: one is simple to play, to achieve the ultimate ( is the best proof, he simply cannot compare him to others; two more simple) is focused on doing things, only attention to succeed this is the site to carry on, often is the winner. Comprehensive words: focus on the simple things to give full play is successful!

for the wrong door flow is actually very simple. Now a lot of sites are Web2.0, I personally think that the big point is that the various modules of the site together with each other, and then in-depth study of each other’s relations and vulnerabilities. For example, my own fund management website is in, she has a wealth of the list page, and the page content in each user’s own fund management window are invoked automatically. So we can try to put ourselves into this list.

how to enter, very simple. To see which funds rose fastest, in his own account you would buy this fund, but one is buying tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions, of course this is fake to buy, is a representative individual purchase management, and no one to ask you is not really bought. Through this, you’ll be in the charts.

into the rankings, we see your earnings are high, you will think this guy how so powerful, to see what he bought the fund. The name into the user page, users will see a page in the user’s blog, this time as long as we in his blog title for some guidance, such as the "investment base first half revenue 50%, speeding down the market, I was looking through the" return, then add the links in specific article the traffic to your site.

synthesis of the above process, in fact, is a very simple step, but as long as you do it once, then you can get long-term flow. Similar to the site has a lot of features, almost every industry, each type of Web site can be found out, the key is to dig their own, depending on whether you have to take advantage of.

in fact, many of the sites have a list. I have a friend, when he made the world Yahoo station, so he told me, as long as his station X personal recommendation, then it can be recommended to the home page, so he every day as long as to find a few people a day can get thousands of IP. As a result, Yahoo see him induced traffic is too strong, put his station sealed

find their own web site, the use of the characteristics of the Web2.0 web site. A friend of mine, now has hundreds of thousands of traffic levels. He told me a way, is the use of major dating sites, to women’s identity, and then in the dating channel to write some more beautiful text, of course, many of these words are copied from other stations. Of course, in this process >

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