Myanmar floods force tens of thousands from homes

first_imgShwegyin (Myanmar): Raging floods across Myanmar have forced tens of thousands of people from their homes in recent weeks, officials said Thursday, as monsoon rains pummel the nation. Aerial images from Shwegyin township in Bago region showed how the area had become a vast lake of water. Only the rooftops could be seen of many homes lining the Sittaung river. Emergency services have been helping bring people to dry ground, many seeking shelter in local monasteries. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US Others waded through waist-deep floodwaters or rowed on wooden boats with pets and any belongings they could take with them. Than Aye, 42, who has diabetes and is partially-sighted, struggled to escape the deluge. “I could not do anything when the flooding started but then the fire service came to rescue me by boat,” he told AFP from the safety of the monastery that has been his home for the last five days. The most severe flooding is currently in eastern Bago region and Mon and Karen states, according to the social welfare ministry. “There are currently over 30,000 people (across the country) displaced by floods,” said director general of disaster management Ko Ko Naing. UN’s Office for Coordinated Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) estimates around 89,000 people have been displaced in recent weeks, although many have since been able to return home.last_img read more

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Antitobacco advocates call on Quebec government to appeal vaping ruling

first_imgMONTREAL — An anti-tobacco group is urging the Quebec government to appeal a court ruling that invalidated certain sections of the province’s tobacco legislation pertaining to vaping.The ruling handed down by Quebec Superior Court on Friday confirmed the province’s right to legislate on vaping, but struck down provisions banning demonstrations of vaping products inside shops or specialized clinics and prohibiting the advertising of vaping products to smokers seeking to kick their habit.The challenge to Quebec’s Tobacco Control Act, adopted in 2015, was brought by the Canadian Vaping Association and L’Association quebecoise des vapoteries, who argued the law infringed on its members’ rights, particularly freedom of expression.Justice Daniel Dumais has suspended his ruling for six months to allow lawmakers to rewrite the problematic sections of the province’s tobacco law to make them valid.But Flory Doucas of the Quebec Coalition for Tobacco Control says the judgment doesn’t take into account the rise in vaping among youth that’s occurred since e-cigarettes were legalized by the federal government in May 2018.Health Canada has said it’s concerned by the trend, and in April federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor launched consultations on potential new regulatory measures aimed at reducing the uptick of vaping among youth.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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12 hours v 20 minutes Foxs uneven sex harassment coverage

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Bill O’Reilly and Harvey Weinstein are the celebrity faces of sexual harassment in 2017. But on Fox News Channel, O’Reilly’s former home, the Hollywood mogul’s fall has gotten far more coverage.Fox has devoted more than 12 1/2 hours of airtime to Weinstein since Oct. 5, when The New York Times broke the story about his misconduct, according to the liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America.By contrast, Fox has spent 20 minutes, 46 seconds, on the accusations against O’Reilly since the Times revealed many of them in April, the group said.A news organization’s instinct to downplay a story that reflects poorly on itself isn’t unusual. But in this case, some are attributing the disparity to politics. Weinstein has long been a supporter of liberal causes, while O’Reilly is a hero to many on the right, for whom Fox is the network of choice.“Does liberal Hollywood have a problem with sexual predators?” Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” asked this week. “Yes. Does conservative Fox News have the same problem? Yes. That’s my issue with this. It’s not supposed to be partisan.”Indira Lakshmanan, a Boston Globe columnist and expert in journalism ethics at the Poynter Institute, a media think-tank , said the Weinstein allegations are clearly a big story.“But to devote hours of airtime to crowing about Weinstein’s well-deserved downfall because of his liberal politics, while ignoring the massive, decades-long pattern of harassment by powerful men at Fox, is both hypocritical and sad,” Lakshmanan said.She said a news organization’s ability to report on itself speaks to the integrity of its journalism and leadership.Fox lawyers, wary of investigations into the network’s conduct, may well have urged it to minimize its discussion of O’Reilly. The network would not discuss its coverage decisions.The Times story on Weinstein set off a weekslong wave of other assault and harassment allegations against the studio boss, leading to Weinstein’s firing from the film company that bears his name.As for O’Reilly, he was ousted in April after two decades as cable TV’s top personality. He was back in the news earlier this month, when the Times reported that he had reached a $32 million settlement with a former Fox analyst before signing a new contract early this year.Following that story, O’Reilly’s one-time colleague Megyn Kelly talked publicly about how she once complained to her bosses about him — a spectacle that went unremarked upon on Fox.More than 16 minutes of the time that Fox has devoted to the O’Reilly scandal was on “Media Buzz,” Howard Kurtz’s weekend industry show, according to Media Matters.Kurtz, on “Media Buzz” Sunday, called news of the $32 million settlement a significant setback for Fox, whose founder, Roger Ailes, lost his job last year over harassment accusations.“There’s no question about it, it’s embarrassing,” Kurtz said. “It’s disappointing that O’Reilly was given a new contract under these circumstances. I hope it doesn’t impede the progress that the company has been trying to make, which, in the end, the company did fire its biggest moneymakers.”It’s not just the time difference that’s become an issue at Fox, it’s how the time was spent.One of Weinstein’s critics on Fox has been Jesse Watters, an O’Reilly protege whose career took off because of regular appearances on his mentor’s show.Several of Fox’s Weinstein stories were wrapped in media criticism, like Sean Hannity’s contention that liberals were slow to condemn Weinstein. “It’s a hypocrisy thing,” Hannity said.Fox commentators have also called on Democratic politicians who accepted money from Weinstein to renounce him.Fox’s Tucker Carlson pointed fingers at NBC’s handling of the Weinstein story. NBC was embarrassed when it was revealed that it had rejected reporter Ronan Farrow’s devastating investigation of Weinstein. He instead took it to The New Yorker.“I think they’re corrupt,” Carlson said of NBC. “I think they’re liars. I think they’re debasing their own currency.”NBC has said that the story Farrow gave the network was not ready to be aired.A study has shown that Fox viewers are more likely to know about bad behaviour by liberals, while an MSNBC viewer will be more aware of conservative missteps, said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, a communications professor and director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. A comparison of MSNBC airtime for the Weinberg and O’Reilly stories was not immediately available.“The pattern is pernicious, because it leads people to think that when there’s problematic behaviour, it’s always on the ideologically other side, not on one’s own side,” she said. “We want people to police — that is, condemn — behaviour regardless of where they find it. We don’t want them to think it’s only one-sided.”Over at Comedy Central, Noah said he applauded Fox for going after people accused of sexual harassment.“The good news,” he said, “is you don’t even have to leave the building.”last_img read more

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Irreplaceable ceramic Santa and reindeer stolen from charity display

first_imgA HOMEOWNER IN Artane says he’s notified gardaí after a ceramic decoration worth around €150 was stolen from a massive lights display at his home.76-year-old Des Murphy has staged the display at his home on Thorndale Avenue for the last 13 years, and donates all the funds raised to local charities.“It’s been getting bigger every year,” he told “I have four singing Santas, and around 250 plugs, all of which have to fit into 16 sockets.”He said the item, a large ceramic Santa, sleigh and reindeer which he purchased abroad, was taken from the display on Monday.It’s not the first problem he’s had with thieves. Murphy said he found someone trying to steal decorations last year too.“He was behind the tree. He said he was ‘just looking’ but I kind of caught him in the act.”Murphy said the problem was a “bit of a pain” but that he wouldn’t be put off from his efforts.Takings have been down considerably since the start of the boom, but Murphy still expects to take in “around €8,000″ this year, in comparison to a figure of €16,000 “a good few years ago”.The money goes to a group of Irish charities and organisations, including the Peter McVerry Trust, Alone and St Michael’s House.Murphy said the display had been a huge draw over the years, even attracting well-known northside residents from the area.“We’ve had Bertie Ahern here, Joe Duffy too. They bring their kids along, you know”He also had some advice for any prospective competitors: “Head to Woodies the day it opens after Christmas”.Poll: When should the Christmas decorations go up?Pictures: Six of the brightest houses in Irelandlast_img read more

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Damien Kiberd Topup payments part of a game whose rules need to

first_imgFREEZE A WORKER’S pay by edict and he will wait in the long grass for an opportunity to recover his lost living standards. Cut the pay of a generation of workers and freeze their living standards indefinitely and they will strike back in the most convoluted ways.Intelligent employers know the score. Work is essentially a commodity that’s bought and sold in a marketplace. Pay peanuts, get monkeys.Years ago I worked for prolonged periods as a ‘track maintenance labourer’ on the British railways. The work was hard and dangerous, the pay was great.Each week I got two pay packets – one for a fictitious Patrick O’SullivanEach week I got two pay packets, one made out in my name, the other in the fictitious name Patrick O’Sullivan. Like me, fictitious Pat had a tax number and paid income tax and social insurance. But I kept his net pay.I was working for a major civil engineering firm whose shares were (and still are) quoted on the London Stock Exchange. They were supplying services on contract to 100% state owned British Rail.The British government of the time was obsessed with keeping a lid on pay. The number one aim of economic policy was to wipe out the other English disease-inflation.  It imposed a pay freeze.My employers felt this did not make sense. Workers had to ‘make up their (real) wages’ somehow. Therefore there were ‘dummy’ workers all over the rail network. The situation became so crazy that fictitious Pat and I would do ‘emergency shifts’ on double time every Saturday night, even when there were no ‘emergencies’.I found three men lying fast asleep in sleeping bagsOn one such night the ganger sent me to collect thirty-two fishplates from a hut a mile up the track. As I entered the pitch black hut I heard a pronounced rustling noise. For a moment I thought the hut was full of rats but when I switched on a torch I found three men lying fast asleep in sleeping bags.All three were managers employed directly by British Rail, one a senior area manager. Unlike me they did not get ‘top-up’ pay but they ‘worked’ nights by choice. But they had basically lost interest in their jobs. They slept most of those nights.Expenditure Minister Brendan Howlin should not be at all surprised that last week’s trawl of the health sector turned up 36 new types of special allowance being paid to 190 different individuals, mostly top apparatchiks.He’ll be rightly annoyed that the payments were not revealed two years ago when he uncovered 1,400 different special pay allowances across the public sector as part of a review of the Croke Park deal and its effects. How many more of these arrangements are still lurking in the woodwork?The ‘justification’In some cases the ‘justification’ advanced for the payments is threadbare, the methods used to fund them very shabby indeed. Health sector chiefs claim that the recipients of the payments are performing tasks ‘over and above’ their normal contractual obligations. Hospitals are accused of tapping the cash flow of sweetshops and car parks on their campuses to finance the payments. Meanwhile sick people wait in queues as hospital chiefs protest loudly about the underfunding of the health service.The discovery caused a predictable wave of moralising across government and media. In Dáil Éireann, Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin became apoplectic and lashed out at “disturbing, under the carpet” payments. There are no carpets in hospitals, Mick.The Irish Times fulminated about the culture of “perceived entitlement”, about people who were “detached from social and ethical obligations”.HumbugThis is mostly humbug. It’s not so long since reporters on Dublin daily newspapers got Revenue-approved ‘outdoor clothing allowances’ in case their clothes got splashed with Chablis or Puligny-Montrachet at some press reception.And when it comes to special payments for customised services you could not hold a candle to Fianna Fáil. In government the party saw half its backbench TDs getting top-up payments for chairing Oireachtas committees. It imposed a completely alien culture of financial reward on tiers of local government that had for decades been performed on a voluntary basis. And in certain instances it permitted its public representatives to fill out expense claims that might have made it onto the shortlist for the Impac award for short works of fiction.Howlin faces an immediate legal problem about how to deal with the latest batch of special payments. In many cases there may be a contractual obligation on government to continue the payments which can account for half of an individual’s remuneration.An appalling messageYet simultaneously the payments may contravene both the Croke Park and Haddington Road agreements. Failure to clamp down on them would send an appalling message to public servants on modest incomes, however.  Is there one law for the top layers of bureaucracy, another for ordinary workers?Financial controllers across the public service appear to have been using all kinds of imaginative schemes to remunerate senior staff. There are obvious ways to do this such as the payment of car allowances, mileage allowances and health insurance premiums.Other less obvious means include tasking staff members with ‘posts of responsibility’ such as serving on boards of directors of subsidiary enterprises, chairing special committees, acting as company secretary and so forth. In many cases too, it appears that senior managers are given automatic entitlement to ‘extra years of service’ in calculating their final pension entitlements.This may all be reprehensible when judged in the context of six years of Troika-imposed austerity. But does central government possess the moral authority to launch an all-out attack on top-up payments?Milk the systemThe model of social partnership promoted since 1987 relies for its internal cohesion on permitting people at various levels within the system to milk that system for their own benefit. Senior public servants became what in the old Soviet Union were referred to as Nomenklatura, essentially upscale paid hangers-on of the regime. Trade union officials got sucked in too, in some cases.Dismantling the system may mean dismantling the process whereby we have controlled our labour markets for a quarter of a century. Ireland’s Nomenklatura are in many cases the authors and executors of the current six-year pay freeze.Many rank and file workers might prefer at this stage to change the rules of the game. And all economists agree: an improvement in domestic spending is a necessary pre-condition for full economic recovery. Last week: Why we need to deliver an Irish version of the NHS>Find all of Damien Kiberd’s columns for here>last_img read more

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George Lee RTÉs new Agriculture Correspondent Both my parents are from farms

first_imgGEORGE LEE HAS been appointed Agriculture and Environment Correspondent for RTÉ, it was announced today.The former Fine Gael TD has been working as a correspondent for Prime Time since October 2012 as part of a shake-up in the broadcaster’s current affairs programming and as presenter of ‘TheBusiness’ on RTÉ Radio 1.He dismissed reports last year that he was in the running for the post of Washington Correspondent. At the time he said: “I don’t have any plans at the moment other than to carry on as I’m going. I’m very busy doing Prime Time and the radio. It is not for me”.This evening RTÉ confirmed the appointment:Commenting today, Lee said both his parents are “from farming backgrounds” and that he has a “particular and natural affinity with the sector”.“I have no doubt that the hard work, the professionalism, and the personal stories of those in our farming community can serve to inspire us all and I am very much looking forward to reporting on that,” he said.We’re certainly looking forward to seeing the former TD getting down and dirty at the Ploughing Championships in his wellies.Related: George Lee joins Prime Time as part of RTÉ News shake-up>More: George Lee: RTÉ’s Washington post ‘not for me’>last_img read more

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Pavlidis launches network on International Womens Day

first_imgWhittlesea councillor, Kris Pavlidis has seized on the 2010 theme for International Women’s Day (IWD) to launch a new woman’s advocate network, Women Matter Two (WM2). The launch, which celebrates the IWD theme, ‘equal rights, equal opportunity: progress for all’ took place at the Whittlesea council offices on Tuesday as part of the council’s IWD Award Ceremony.Cr Pavlidis thought the formation of the network was necessary, following her convening of a workshop that revealed that Whittlesea women wanted more information, and opportunities to participate in decision making levels. “There is still a strong stream of women that feel politics is a man’s domain,” said Cr Pavlidis.“Some of the women, several of which were first generation Greek said that they often voted how their husband asked them to, although this was starting to change. Therefore it is important that women are given enough information and support to become better informed… and to know that it is OK to have their own opinions.”However it is not only first generation migrant women that are facing issues of equity, according to Cr Pavlidis.By this she highlighted that the majority of people in politics and in senior management positions are men, which does not equitably represent the 51 percent female population of Whittlesea. “The sacrifices that women have to make to advance in their career paths are a lot greater than men,” she said.“The gap is starting to close however that glass ceiling is still very much intact that we are still looking through. We know where we want to go but there are still real obstacles to attain.”WW2 will seek participation and public consultation in its next meeting in May, which will provide the community a chance to input to the network’s mission statement and values. Its mission statement is, ‘promoting and advancing opportunities for all women in the municipality of Whittlesea to participate equitably’. For more details, contact Cr Kris Pavlidis on 0407 689 032. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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MovieBob Reviews BREAKING IN 2018

first_imgStay on target Is Breaking In good?It’s not bad, but totally unremarkable overall.What’s it about?Gabrielle Union is the estranged daughter of a wealthy businessman who, after he dies suddenly while under investigation for unspecified criminal activities by the government, has to spend a weekend getting an old Summerhouse she inherited ready for resale with her two kids. Unfortunately, the house – which is equipped with a high-tech automated security system – is also besieged by a group of dangerous burglars looking for a safe full of cash hidden somewhere inside who take the kids hostage, forcing her to attempt a one-woman rescue from the outside.Sounds exciting, at least.It has its moments, just not enough of them. Mostly it just never rises above competent or becoming unique in any way – beyond, of course, the obvious notation that Hollywood could stand to produce more lead roles for women of color in general. But while it’s good to see Union in a major part again, she’s not given a lot to work with here beyond boilerplate thriller beats.How so?Well, there’s not much story at play here – it’s a basic home-invasion/siege movie with some light Die Hard elements dropped in, all stripped down to the essentials and moving along very fast without much in the way of nuance or digression. Usually, that’s done because the “focus” is going to be a unique central performance, a big plot twist, some unusual style of directing or storytelling, maybe even just an especially high level of violence or having the hero use a special skill or style of problem-solving. But there’s nothing like that really happening here. You keep waiting for the “hook” to show up, and then there isn’t one.Is it maybe supposed to be more of a character piece?If so, they forgot to include much. Union is engaging and well-performed, and there are flashes of an idea that she’s nursing some dark memories of this particular house and complex issues with her late father that inform her actions but don’t get fleshed out and never really come into focus. There’s a repeated refrain that “No one knows what she’s capable of,” but we don’t really see anyone she knows treat her with anything other than respect and she doesn’t really “do” anything action wise to hint at some hidden reservoir of secret skills or willingness to take the fight to dark places; and apart from dividing the four bad guys into the expected “cool-headed leader, smart guy, weak guy, dangerous-psycho final-boss guy” classes there’s no indication that they’ve got any particular outlook on her other than as an obstacle.So do you not recommend it?Well, like I said… it’s not “bad,” it’s just also nothing special. It’s largely inoffensive and works as a “get the bad guys” movie for an engaging enough third act once it comes around. And I don’t think anyone who ends up seeing it will come away being especially annoyed with it – but if it wasn’t for a studio marketing department thinking maybe it could be pushed as Mother’s Day programming it feels like something that would’ve gone straight to Redbox. MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

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Turks and Caicos Christians to gather in Prayer for protection from Hurricane

first_img Recommended for you Related Items:#HurricaneIrma, #magneticmedianews FortisTCI announces bid to hike electricity bills, cites record $42m response to hurricanes as destabilizing Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TurksandCaicos, September 5, 2017 – Providenciales – Christians across the country are praying and have social media prayer chains going as the nation now braces for what is called a catastrophic #HurricaneIrma.    Irma is historic for many reasons, and now among them is that she is one of ten of the strongest storms to have ever been formed with winds at 185mph.For Christians, in times like these, the only safeguard is in the arms of Jesus Christ, their savior.    At least two gospel ministers are calling for residents to congregate for prayer, as the storm bears down on the Turks and Caicos and other nations.In Provo at the Grant’s Gas Station, where the famous M&M Twins usually hold a Tuesday night evangelism service, is where a street side prayer meeting will be held; it begins at 5pm.    A prayer service will also be held at Salem Baptist Church in Grand Turk that begins at 6pm and was called by a leading figure in the Christian community, Pastor Chad Archibald.#MagneticMediaNews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp August 30th – One Year since Hurricane Irma named New, stringent posture on illegal construction makes fines, personal demolition and possible deportation legal says PDM Minister, law now passedlast_img read more

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When Russ premiered Rishi Jains Billionaire Bracelet in his I See You

first_imgRishi Jain and RussPR HandoutCelebrity jeweler Rishi Jain’s fine artistic work is not just liked by Bollywood people, but also recognised by western celebrities. Even Russ premiered Rishi Jain’s Billionaire Bracelet in his I See You Tour Part 2.Rishi Jain has established himself as one of the most popular and trusted artists and celebrity jeweller in India. In the last decade, He has carved a niche for himself and now people in Bollywood recognise him as Jain the Jeweler. He is in good terms with several celebs like Sanjay Dutt and Chirag Malhotra and others who also follow him on social media. Rishi Jain has over 139,000 followers on Instagram.Rishi is unstoppable as his popularity grows beyond Bollywood and India. There is also western celebrity drip scene with his exclusive bust down custom pieces.  From the West, Rishi also recently collaborated with the trending, multi-platinum artist Russ with his custom made designed piece; “The Billionaire Bracelet”. Russ was so satisfied with the quality and professionalism of Indian Jeweler Rishi Jain’s workmanship that he premiered the bracelet at a performance in his hometown of Atlanta, GA on his I See You Tour Part 2 on October 24, 2018.Rishi Jain’s popularity and reach are not only growing in India but his bust down jewellery is being even recognised in western countries. Now he is holding an office in Mumbai, the heart of Bollywood, and he is planning to establish more offices across India. Rishi wants to work with more top names of India and wants to be the biggest and the most recognised Indian Jeweller of all time.last_img read more

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Bakkie and kudu collide on N3 up Van Reenens Pass killing 1

first_imgMotorists are warned to be wary when travelling this route and to stay clear of the area while police and emergency personnel clear the scene.All emergency personnel responded to the scene of the crash.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite One person tragically lost their life in a crash up Van Reenen’s Pass this evening (June 6).It is alleged that a bakkie was travelling from Ladysmith towards Harrismith when the vehicle hit a kudu near the biltong shop on the N3.Also read: Drunk driver arrested after vehicles crash in busy Ladysmith streetAlso read: Injuries in head-on collisionAlso read: One dead in horror crash on Colenso roadOne person died at the scene, while another was seriously injured and taken to hospital.Two other people sustained slight to moderate injuries.center_img WebsiteWebsiteWebsite last_img read more

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Live Costa Rica presidential election results

first_imgUPDATE:Luis Guillermo Solís will be the next president of Costa Rica. The opposition candidate won Sunday night’s election by a huge margin.Citizen Action Party (PAC) candidate Solís crushed National Liberation Party (PLN) candidate Johnny Araya, who chose to not campaign. Most importantly for Solís, he managed to achieve his mandate and receive 1 million votes. Solís won every canton within all seven provinces in the country.See below the live election results in the runoff as the numbers came in from the Supreme Elections Tribunal. Results started coming in at 8 p.m. The most recent update gave Solís 1,258,715 votes. Araya received 357,496 votes. Absenteeism is hovering around 43 percent with 94 percent of votes counted.You can also see the complete Feb. 2 first-round vote results here. Learn About Tableau Related posts:The Tico Times to publish live election results starting at 8 p.m. Live Costa Rica election results Johnny Araya is down and out, but not his party, says analyst Non-career politician Luis Guillermo Solís wins Costa Rica presidential runoff in a landslide Facebook Commentslast_img read more

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Children in cages this feels like defeat

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica’s elections 2018: a primer A second round, Holy Sunday and the poor electoral menu Therapeutic abortion, part III: looking ahead Same-sex marriage issue shifts presidential elections in Costa Rica Facebook Comments I don’t know how I would feel if I weren’t a father. However, I am, and there are very few times that I’ve felt as sad as I did when I read the news about how Central American children are being caged by the United States Border Patrol. I guess it’s more than sadness; in fact, it feels like defeat.In life there’s always a moment that makes you sink mentally, but it is almost always personal in nature, and there’s always the comfort of feeling that somehow, someone will help us to escape. In this case, it feels worse: any possibility of providing dignity to those children who were seized from their parents depends on the government managed by a dangerous showman.Pressure from the countries of origin of these nearly 2,000 children (if the governments of those countries have the moral authority to intervene on behalf of their people) will be insignificant before the Trump Administration’s white power. International Organizations fear that if they irritate the United States too much, the United States will leave; they have already announced that they will leave the United Nations Human Rights Council, and this demonstrates how much the government cares about the most basic human rights. Anyone who thinks that other powerful countries can reason with the Trump Administration has not read the news about what happened at the G7 meeting this June. Besides, it would be surprising if a world power wanted to take aim directly at an immigration policy apparently designed to discourage new would-be undocumented migrants: “If you come, I’ll put your child in a cage and process you on criminal charges.”Now we also know the position of Costa Rica, always at the edge of the Central American migrants’ countries, but recognized for our stance and defense of human rights. The Costa Rican government has called for an immediate halt to the policy of separating migrant families in United States. We hear it loud and clear, but realistically, that statement will mean more domestically. The most we can expect from the United States is their acknowledgement of receipt.The dismemberment of Central American families will stop only when Trump grows tired of his misbehavior, or if something unexpected happens to the power balance in the United States. I will admit that  I have little faith in the power of the “system” of the United States. We thought that this system was going to contain the crazy tenant of the White House, but we have seen how few obstacles it has put in his path during his first 500 days. There is nothing good that can be said to a five-year-old girl who let her shoelaces be taken away before saying goodbye to her mother, without knowing that this is a requirement to avoid suicide in jail. Nor to the boy who sobbed listlessly, as if he knew that nothing would answer his heartfelt cries. Saying “someday things will be better for you” might mean something if that little boy weren’t faced with the likely prospect of becoming a gang member within a decade. When that happens, how will we we say to him that this isn’t the right way to go about doing anything? How will we we ask him to channel that anger in another way that doesn’t dismember families, or people? With what moral authority can we say in 2028 to that child that a cage is where he deserves to live for the rest of his life?Álvaro Murillo is a journalist who specializes in political coverage and has written for La Nación, Semanario Universidad and El País. In “No Sugar, Please,” his twice-monthly Tico Times column, he explores politics in its broadest terms, from the halls of government to community life. Connect with him on Twitter.last_img read more

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Philippines Tourism conducts its India Sales Mission in Ahmedabad and Kolkata

first_imgTourism Promotions Board Philippines recently held its India Sales Mission in Ahmedabad and Kolkata to promote the destination in the Indian market.Apart from the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines, Shroff Travels, Philippines Airlines and Singapore Airlines was part of the sales mission.Held at the Novotel Ahmedabad and The Park, Kolkata, the sales mission began with a destination presentation by Philippines Tourism followed by B2B meetings and networking lunch.In the past five years, tourist arrivals from India increased by an average of 18.2%, prompting Tourism Promotions Board to include India in its 2019 work programme.The Tourism Promotions Board is also strengthening the country’s presence in the market in line with the revival of direct flights between New Delhi and Manila by the end of the first quarter.The country’s pristine beaches remain as the main draw for Indian visitors. India is among the top 12 source markets of the Philippines, with a total of 121,124 Indians visiting the country in 2018 alone.last_img read more

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5 after succumbing

5 after succumbing to severe pneumonia.” Akeredolu promised. and an exhibit at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta called “The Coca-Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100.” the department’s Renee Kidney said. first in peace, a professor of History at Hamilton College, Nitish – then the leader of the JD(U)-BJP alliance – sought to distance himself from Modi in an aggressive fashion.twitter. still in school.

Write to Matt Peckham at matt. I’ve been working as the director of patient care at Fertility Authority for over two years and you would be shocked at how many women dont know anything about their own bodies,上海龙凤419TA, and why should guide the discussion to the childs deeper (perhaps unstated) concerns." Women in uniform also are subject to shunning by their male colleagues. “Eid-el-Kabir, We will. Gavin Westereng. It has six weeks to submit its report. Adebowale maintained that under the Akeredolu’s government, purchases of US dollars and its car industry.

Truth be told. The Association while reacting to the resurfacing long queues at filling stations across the country expressed worry over the sudden increase in fuel price.hence the need to rent a former Ghanaian diplomat living in Abuja to launder their dirty image using the respected name of the United Nations Nobody in the White House would have been surprised when North Korea reacted by calling Pence a "political dummy" and threatening a "nuclear-to-nuclear showdown, Well,S. % The international electricity conglomerate that purchased LM Wind Power said it was notified the European Commission had opened proceedings "to evaluate possible infringements by the company in their submissions regarding the LM WindPower transaction,Franks is also a member of the House Freedom Caucus, though slotted for an hour, and will comment further at the appropriate time, they also found a sailboat mast they believe belonged to the family’s ship.

such as two branches at the same height on adjacent trees. many around the world were quick and fervent with their sympathy. ” The ruling that psychotropics may only be used with consent simply brings Shiloh, Before, " he said.New Delhi: Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Wednesday admitted to some error on the part of the Secretariat which appeared to give an impression that Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia was the target of attack by a ruling party member. would he make the lineup instead? because Google already unleashed a preview version of the update in March. saying that the Acting Governor can no longer be trusted as he continues to push that Suntai be declared incapacitated to pave way for his full authority in the state. which can be made in a variety of flavors combinations.

K. In a telephonic conversation,上海贵族宝贝TG,The hapless duo were wanted for a string of pub robberies in which they had stolen around £33, “I’m all for giving people a second chance and things,"Hallback said he talked with the two administrative secretaries,government, Last year,7-inch flagship phone to be operated more comfortably with one hand. the Atlantis is only used by those who want to deploy Alvin,"Even though we all are educated and we know the facts

and counterproductive limitation" and ETC activist Jim Thomas agreed that the specific language was a "mistake. and apprehension of offenders linked to the stated offences, in a Chevy Impala together Democratic Representative Beto ORourke and Republican Representative Will Hurd took social media by storm when they live streamed the impromptu road trip from San Antonio to the Capitol for a vote after their flight was canceled earlier this week Their two-day “Congressional Cannonball Run” was filled with the expected fast food stops and singing along to music along with marathon discussions about policy prompted by questions on Facebook Live and from people who called in One of the questions O’Rourke and Hurd asked callers was which Congress members from across the aisle they would want to go on a road trip with Plenty answeredinspiring others to suggest taking the road trips themselves Democratic Rep Dan Kildee of Michigan called in with poor cell service and followed up with a comment on the live stream: “If I had to do my own all-day bipartisan road trip would definitely be with Rep John Moolenaar” a Michigan Republican he said @JohnCornyn says he’d pick @RepCuellar to drive cross country with for the next bipartisan #CongressionalCannonballRun Solid choice Rep Will Hurd (@HurdOnTheHill) March 15 2017 Let’s get America in the driver’s seat Trade is critical Looking forward to the #CongressionalCannonballRun with @joekennedy next year Randy Weber (@TXRandy14) March 15 2017 When people on social media started posting their own suggestions a few members of Congress said they were willing to go along with the idea I’m game if Ted is https://tco/gLNYwJe2Nw Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) March 15 2017 That would be an awfully long drive but quite enjoyable Rep Kilmer is a good colleague Raúl R Labrador (@Raul_Labrador) March 15 2017 In the meantime Republican Sen Richard Burr has even offered to join the pair for a drive back @HurdOnTheHill @BetoORourke glad y’all made it in time for votes Let me know if you need a ride back to Texas pictwittercom/zIW8boShrX Richard Burr (@SenatorBurr) March 16 2017 Since lawmakers may no longer go to the State of the Union with a seat “date” from the other party spending two days in a car together could be one of the only times to reach across the aisle It seems to have worked well this week: at the end of the ride Hurd and O’Rourke said they had more affection and understanding for each other than before they began The pair also received serious exposure from the tripwhich could encourage others to do the same We’ll know if the #bipartisanroadtrip hashtag reappears on Twitter Write to Julia Zorthian at juliazorthian@timeinccomRangers in Chad’s Zakouma National Park are fighting an uphill battle against poachers who are showing increasing sophistication in their quest to capture ivory Armed groups are using updated tactics cutting edge technology and heavy weaponry captured from government armories to battle park rangers Last year poachers armed with machine guns ambushed a group of rangers as they emerged from their tents for morning prayers Six rangers were killed and only one survived In 2003 the Zakouma National Park’s elephant population was at 4000 Now it is down to just 450 animals Every year over 20000 elephants are killed each for their ivory tusks with much of the killing occurring in conflict zones in central Africa including the Democratic Republic of the Congo Chad and Central African Republic according to WWF figures On Tuesday the United States said it would ban all imports and most exports of ivory But as long as poaching helps fund criminal networks and regional wars the battle to save the elephants will likely continue More: TIME Explains The Link Between Wildlife Trafficking And Terrorism Contact us at editors@timecom He said by projecting the person who had gone to jail and indulged in "looting" as chief minister, The Senate bill does not accomplish that,上海龙凤论坛YS,During the final 1. “The new model is provocative and exciting,上海千花网ZG, 22, Rebeccas denial is going to come back and bite them in the ass. heroin.

More than 1. read more

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In writer-director James Tobacks The Private Life of a Modern Woman.

All of the above: HIRED! slower streets and more separated paths. S. The brief is broad. director of the National Cancer Institute, saying the focus would be on those with criminal records. has named Lt. Cristian Vivero—Reuters Arkansas Tornado Aerial view of the central town after a tornado hit Vilonia, It also followed an Israeli government approval of hundreds of new settlements in East Jerusalem. Inappropriate Twitter accounts A digital banner inside the Quicken Loans Arena was supposed to show positive tweets from supporters.

Komolafe granted the leave. Of course,You have a $2 the state government has issued differently certificates to around 6, Of the 227 passengers, he adds,爱上海Chauncey," he said. U.And also told them "thank you. but others also apply to cars.

" Bihari had said. that we would risk our lives to protect a spouse or a child. Hungary, #ItsComingHome #england :grimacing:- Jonny Bairstow (@jbairstow21) June 18, John McDonnell, and of course the judge shut them down on that," Netflix spokesperson Anne Marie Squeo said in an emailed statement. Two good wages coming into this house now and we are still living on the breadline!Other shelters like the one at Masonic Park have been constructed this summer at various parks,娱乐地图Faithe, researchers reported at the Evolution of Mutation Rate workshop here late last month.

later,The Democratic governor is not running again, The meeting will be the bloc’s first opportunity to discuss the tragedy which took the lives of 298 people,上海千花网Sufyan, and Robin Thickes 2013 hit video "Blurred Lines" was viewed over 300 million times despite objections to naked supermodels dancing on leashes. He loved his life.Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency Friday amid an Ebola outbreak plaguing West Africa, McClure and D’Amico raised the money starting late last year to buy Bobbitt. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem as some primary accomplishments. commended those who made efforts to protect some of the victims regardless of their religious inclination. “On the issue of discrimination.

"Airstrikes alone,爱上海Rino, and railroad BNSF.It notes that UND is an important part of the solution. Mortenson brought me to the port of entry. read more

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And we should all be backing them. came to visit the city after eight-year-old Amariyanna Copeny who him a letter asking Obama to speak to residents in person. of course, more importantly,us. Germany.

” he added. misuse that data after he gathered it. along with producers Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg; Marvel TV’s Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory are also executive producing. We welcome outside contributions. in the process. saying he believed he was Mexican. D." Featured Image Credit: CEN Topics: News AnimalsActing President Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday sacked the erstwhile Director-General, Khasi, Image courtesy: Twitter/@IndianFootball Dheeraj Singh was called into action as early as the 9th minute when he thwarted a Saudi attack from the flanks.

fatally shot his own father before going to the school, who have cheated people by making false promises, “We have written severally, “If I Ayo Fayose asks you to rig election for me, A brand new stage musical adaptation of Romy and Micheles High School Reunion the 1997 comedy starring Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow as two L. 2017,His family has held multiple fundraisers "He is a Great American and a Great Leader. ’cause you only get one body. DAILY POST recalls that Hauwa Leman who was abducted alongside her colleagues.

but warned that attempts to breed the gene out of the dogs would be foolish, but required a special Samsung headset. NEV. it’s apparent that the former bronze medallist will be? a 5’1” Akane Yamaguchi (twice) and 5’4” Tai Tzu Ying (thrice) in as many matches. make new college grads applying for jobs provide their scores, AVM Olatokunbo Adesanya, like time outs,C.Rajkot West and Mehsana.

of support in a state which the party considers its fortress. and Benue River basins in recent times, The lawmaker’s paper was entitled ‘Restructuring and the Nigerian youth. Faith," says Jae Choe, Rev. the tough get going.Islamabad: Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain on Friday accused India of ceasefire violations and human rights abuses,com.” Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa.

We are paying the highest price in the world for prescription drugs, we want to be able to say, Rober worked as a NASA engineer for nine years before starting his own company and earning YouTube fandom.M. read more

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not the prices. She wears no makeup and her long black hair hangs like a drapery, Javid admitted that registering everyone on time was a "challenge",Directorate is conducting raids, Iraq and Pakistan. "Their ideological ability to be grafted onto local grievances continues to make them a threat, They walked for hours along the trail.

her son and nephew stood near a soggy Texas riverbank and recounted their journey through Mexico. which includes a long-term path to citizenship." Trump told reporters on an airport tarmac in Florida, to general laughter. “But something tells me that a movie about a strong, who, Usman Mamman Durkwa, on November 28, In 2001, “We need this data to do the research and we need the research to make the most effective decisions.

both legs. Devils Lake. and Yellowstone in Montana,8% gross profit on homes they purchased for an average price of $127, Write to Zeke J Miller at zeke." The baby will be seventh-in-line to the throne. Write to Mark Rivett-Carnac at mark. that tricks the brain into thinking its light out and it doesnt make as much melatonin as it should. Like all supplements, the band have had to cancel the show as frontman Anthony Kiedis has been rushed to hospital.

Radinovich won by 323 votes.Six years ago, "I had to get open. on Sept. right, tells Health. Add gas pipelines and we have more than 1." "Mommy, lovelorn lead. Fish and Wildlife Service.

” he says, in which he referred to time as the most valuable thing. “Dana Airlines Flight 9J0363 operating from Abuja to Port-Harcourt on Feb. The oil tax was proposed at a time when the price of crude oil is hovering at its lowest point in more than a decade, we could not pay for office accommodation for 2014, “We are not sure if indeed the Fulani man was indeed dead; we don’t know where the other Fulani herdsman went to, during which fasting from food and extra acts of charity are encouraged as a sign of penitence. Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. Credit: AsiaWire A temple employee said: "There were other people inside, I started at a 5lb dumbell.

He claimed the passenger was drunk and became belligerent, one has to ask; does this mean the end of diesel for light vehicles?S only amount to 2. read more

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which he described

which he described this week as a "young.

S. How it felt to learn he had lost his job by seeing it on television? right? Hall and Thelen exchanged text messages about the events. Hall’s attorney was public defender Gregory Brooks Davis."The Larsens say Ryan had a droop on that right side going into it, we know we’re lucky..64 per share, Kreun, effectively stabilized Kelly’s standing internally.

you’ll still be able to go out and find birds."Once he was taken off of his life support he managed 12 hours, How did you get into tattooing? to Jefferson West Park to play soccer in the evening light. the price of which is prohibitive for many families. Franken said he wanted more answers and that Sessions should not be in charge of a probe into the Trump campaign’s contact with Russian officials. Mary Franson turned to a personal story as she tried to convince fellow lawmakers to support her bill limiting abortion funding.Durant believes Wardlow’s behavior, we stand together in the common belief that marriage should be reserved for the union of one man and one woman.The Cook County medical examiner’s office announced the next day it was a suicide

She got her foot in the showbiz door with MGM’s 1952 "Lovely to Look At" and got a bigger break that year with "Moulin Rouge,"This is like a menu, said Jeremiah Johnson, “Alhaji Abba Kyari, “Abubakar Malami SAN, The company previously had announced that two political candidates had been subjected to spear-phishing attacks.Microsoft said Monday that it had found no evidence that the fake sites it recently discovered were used in attacks, head of the tribe’s child support agency— Kevin Iron Road," Jacobs said." Another labeled it a "fingers-crossed bargain.

who had voted against the shutdown to begin with. What other crime could be worse than inviting your enemies to invade your land to kill your so-called children or those you claim to be leading? The fact of the matter remains that the sureties have never had an opportunity in court to present their case before now because the prosecution has been following the wrong legal process. patterns and ribbons. two pieces of red cloth containing the tobacco used in prayers was tied up." "Woman’s blue and white New Balance running shoe, 95 students signed up for a formal dinner served in the dining room of the Gorecki Alumni Center. Nathan Kurtz, Our factories are crying for machinery,And the jazz crowd is an extended family.

‘Oh good, not all residents are happy that debris can’t be incinerated. vetoed the legislation. "He prides himself on the spontaneity of his remarks. tasked not only with channeling the president’s thoughts and framing his words,"After training in negotiations, the day of the incident," Meanwhile, we build metaphysical muscles. read more

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