The title delimiter in several forms of good and poor contrast

don’t feel this article is a simple symbol interval analysis, really had this problem the webmaster will feel very deep, it is wrong to know, is that this form of love Shanghai optimization guidelines described above, but most people may not read the manual optimization or above, many people still choose 2 form the delimiter, such a large increase in the invisible website optimization difficulty. This article source: 贵族宝贝jianfeiqin贵族宝贝 Pro A5 starting to lose weight, please indicate the read more

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Update the doodle official website noble baby to play old graffiti

how to quickly enter the doodle station? Open the noble baby贵族宝贝 home page, click on the "good luck (I’m feeling lucky)" that is it, but the nobility baby silly jump pages change? (

The new

baby home for the first time in 1998 the nobility placed a doodle, replaces the default sign after this noble baby, become a tradition, many people love to watch all kinds of doodle, especially in recent years to promote the HTML 5, the baby began to engage in a noble spare no effort to play some doodle, but there is a problem these doodle are transient, then how do read more

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Claire go down to the people love Shanghai

version of the chief complaint platform basically covers most of the problems encountered when optimizing the webmaster, for a lot of misguided webmaster, is undoubtedly the leader, only on the right path to long-term website optimization. Before the love of Shanghai when no on-line Webmaster Platform, many webmaster use some cheating means to gain ranking, but after the love Shanghai adjustment, these means can not, so the site was K, which was K after the webmaster in did not know what the reason is because of K, also is to like a fly without head random drilling, and with on-line love Shanghai Webmaster Platform, webmaster began with the correct guidance of love in Shanghai, by using the optimization method of quality. read more

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From the website to the on line algorithm Scindapsus pomegranate can use the former method of face

2, low quality of the site, for the birth of Shanghai dragon website advertising, makes the high quality website have the opportunity to show.

1, restore Internet clean, reducing learners to the Internet for information confidence.

The The

because of this, love Shanghai launched Scindapsus, pomegranate two algorithms, and the implementation of the Mars program, resulting in a large number of individual owners to give up the construction site, a large number of Shanghai dragon Er jobs condemning all over the sky, but also a most of the webmaster clap hanhao. Obviously, this love Shanghai to make a big adjustment to 3 points: read more

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July 17th Shanghai K station of love

. July 17th K batch analysis of

adjustment algorithm restoration measuresThe

hard who did not want to be K, tui56- Wang Baochen thought this kind of thing just happened to other people on the situation, did not expect the July 17th third batch love Shanghai K station, on promotion of the website will be responsible for K, June 22-6 month 28 in front of 2 especially in the first batch of K website. Is the basic quality of cheating is obvious, the low degree of even being used repeatedly N template website, information and copy others collection similar websites directly by K. In July 17th on several was K website, originally have good ranking…… Did not think there should be K, afterwards by A5, Shanghai dragon why, tui56 on the platform of the webmaster friends found the basic feedback, many of the original K station has a certain rank, small weight, but a careful analysis…… The quality of the content is a common phenomenon. read more

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Ji Xinzhi do 3 problems must be considered in the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Longfeng technical articles, mentioned the Shanghai dragon more cost-effective than bidding, because as long as the Shanghai Dragon Well, do home basic are not afraid of no traffic, and click need not pay, so I want to describe their views.

bring flow is the need for a period of time, especially new sites. Don’t expect to get a good ranking in a short period of time, the competition is small with long tail page optimization can be realized in a short time with the inside pages but there may be six months or even a year later. But some online holiday season, and the great flow of keywords, such as: japan earthquake, 51 holiday notice, college entrance examination secret after a long time no basic search volume, if the Shanghai dragon’s promotion means to occupy the market, it is difficult to achieve, and a time early can give you the site how many IP? Maybe you do on the front page and search your opponent by bidding to occupy the market and users, that your site will lose a group of users, so suitable for Shanghai Longfeng site are the basic consumption of affordable time sites, such as entertainment, tourism, industry and other sites. read more

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Five steps are required for a successful PPC campaign

five: to test

if you don’t know what your PPC campaigns are effective, so how to judge? Factors that cause PPC effect of advertising has many kinds, the author of this article is in this aspect of thin paper. This paper will mainly focus on five simple steps to create a successful advertising PPC required, you can reduce your PPC in advertising on the unnecessary waste of money through them.

your ad copy and need to be innovative and quality articles. You should make sure your copy is associated with your target keywords, and to use different advertising to test which one works best. read more

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5 trading factors Ali Wangpu keywords ranking

first we see a screenshot:

The more the number of

look at the "total sale". Who opened a shop, online transactions and online transaction records are like this.

has a large number of old customers for businesses is very favorable. Of course, new businesses also need not be anxious, because any online transaction is a process of accumulation. You have to consciously guide customers to focus on key information in your order after closing.

online trading refers to the Alibaba China station through the Alipay deal, does not include online banking transactions and cash transactions. Online transactions affect Ali Wangpu keyword in the search engine rankings. I have to share the 5 factors that influence keywords ranking in online transaction today. I hope you control these 5 factors, for your perfect pu. read more

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From four aspects to completely change the website turtle speed status

website no picture will affect the interface friendly, but as everyone knows, the picture may be added to the site access speed is greatly reduced, so when used to image compression processing, grassroots webmaster can use for a compression of image processing, in addition, I suggest that you try to use static content, gorgeous degree of FLASH could increase the page, but for the spider, the spider did not catch a cold, do not grab any content, so webmaster do in vain, even if you are an independent host, I also recommend you as far as possible the use of static images, it is impossible to find a master task area A5 give yourself a pseudo static can. read more

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A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic effect as you believe believe


have indifferent attitude, but the problem still to be solved, the site is down right, is not the first home page snapshot, also disappeared. Not the least trace was found. really, and I was not able to see it all very dull, after all hospital patients are mostly through the website, now the site is down right, a lot of keywords ranking disappeared, patients and how to find our website? All these and their wages hook, you can not worry? But only with their months of experience Shanghai Longfeng clearly want to solve this problem in a short period of time, there is a certain degree of difficulty. Smart as I could, it is every day with the search engines to deal with and solve these difficult diseases through the search engine found in Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic services came into sight, by collecting large amounts of data to prove the best reputation, the best Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis effect, the most rapid number A5 in Shanghai (贵族宝贝 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization services dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai dragon.Html), impressed me most is that the "A5 official lead customers to write a sixteen page report on the" Shanghai dragon diagnostic article, which has added to the A5 group and praise, is very satisfied with their service, I thought this is it true? read more

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A5 marketing on the old site 301 redirect to the new site after stacking weight


on the 301 redirect topic is actually a very old topic, many webmaster will do the 301 redirection, write too much you look quite annoying, but today we don’t talk about technical topics, just talk about the old site overlay is redirected to the new site can do weight, so this the topic today does not belong to the old topic. Until the owners asked me a weight I buy very good website, and then to be above the weight and ranking are redirected to my own website, let buy website weight and my website weight stack, such as buy website weight is 5, my own website weight is 1. I want to make heavy directional weighted overlay becomes 6. read more

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Google product search service free policy adjustment to pay businesses

will also be on the move from the Google shopping site search results to appear in the main search engine Google on the impact. For example, Google made this change before, when a user searches for the word "camera", five people bearing the highest camera from the shopping page will appear in the following search results link; and changes in the future, these links will appear in the main search at the top of the page, and related products. Will become larger, which means that the network traffic of Google shopping site is likely to soar. read more

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From the tip of the tongue on the grass root taste website promotion

as a personal webmaster of us, we must have some very creative ideas. The key is how to put these ideas into their own website.

target site

early this morning to open love Shanghai I saw a news: Lin graduated students "grass root" on the tip of the restaurant business is booming. Into read again, really surprised. Just graduated from several young man has a set, the trend of young people chasing mentality, especially a variety of network hot words is the most incisive. In fact, they sell dishes and usually not what is different, but the "packaging". Now the shop is very famous, very good business. Because of the media, network free promotion to them, for individual webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er, what can we learn from this "marketing case" read more

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How did the movie network developOnline money should be done on the premise of small websites to und

network is known how to make? Earned five digit possible? How to make their sites become synonymous with the Internet?… though as this problem, each of US internet people often consider these, then how can we from the Internet to Amoy gold? Rely on shlf1314 ads, sh419 alliance or other, my answer is: are you going to do e-commerce.

two, select domain name to increase the weight of the network to earn money to read sh419, shlf1314, should pay attention to search engines. Whether it is personal website website in the early stage of development from sh419 shlf1314 that basically is useless, in the Internet industry, "sh419" has almost become synonymous with the Internet, the website to make someone must see, it may generate profits, pupils are aware of sh419, but your name again to remember others may not be to remember, so the choice of sh419 love domain is represent the general trend. "The better the domain name, the more easily recorded by sh419 search, the better the domain name, the easier it is to do SEO," this sentence needs to be verified. The emergence of the Internet "dump" of the new term after 2007, because a lot of people a lot of acquisition, resulting in a search because of repeated information from large flood, 07 years after sh419 shlf1314 began to inventory "dump", 07 years before the domain name is the default for the good domain name, this is also in line with common sense. Then, we should choose 07 years ago to stand old domain names, so that we can have a good ranking in sh419, with the rankings, there will be profits. read more

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20 Shanghai dragon optimization must know the terminology

site map: map is divided into static and dynamic map, a web page contains links to all the pages.

Figure 2

11, white hat Shanghai Dragon: do not use the means of cheating or can improve web search ranking.

7, external links: to search engine Links, and the establishment of the website will help you quickly improve website popularity and ranking.

: the internal link or channel page within the station.

now, search engine marketing has become the most important part of network marketing, adjust and optimize the internal and external of the site and improve the natural ranking web site in the search engine keywords, get to show more volume, attract more targeted customers to visit the site, so as to achieve the goal of Internet marketing and brand building. read more

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D web advertising by millions of layoffs was traced under pressure

in fact, from 2010 on-line, cotton advertising action has never stopped. It is understood that in August last year put cotton over one million yuan of online advertising in sina. In its cooperation with the Focus Media to start large-scale building advertising, the marketing promotion mode full force online and offline.

business strategy is to fight the winter period of entrepreneurship B2C? After being exposed employee layoffs storm personal clothing B2C D web transferred again yesterday to cut 4 employees. According to informed sources, because advertising is too large, cotton has owed millions of dollars of advertising, only an advertising agent is owed millions of dollars. Analysts said that the current electricity supplier that layoffs were not fresh, the appropriate control input can avoid the tension in the capital enterprise "can’t do anything". read more

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A real estate website of the experience

, a selection of key words, page classification deployment.

four, the content of the page.

ZhengZhan optimization the hardest thing is the construction of the chain. I used the set 1-2 automatic update column in all pages, such as news list. The list is usually automatically controlled by the program and calculation, do not need to manually update, so every page has a new website at all levels, the crawler way, the weight naturally increased. Early may effect is not too obvious, but with more data, the weight of ascension will be more and more. read more

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Analysis of how to do business station of Shanghai Longfeng data

data comparison and exclusion

data classification and statistics

The first step of

enterprise station related to all walks of life, so we’d better get these sites are classified, such as: all machinery industry enterprise data together, it is easy to compare an industry data of Shanghai dragon. Love can be analyzed Shanghai algorithm specific effects of a particular industry, of course, such data can be discerned. Love Shanghai algorithm with certain types, too many to count, an industry has a gap. Can every month of the year of the Shanghai statistical data as compared with dragon and Phoenix, last month, the role of the chain and a few months before the chain effect, of course, the quality and quantity of the chain resources are different. read more

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90% traffic from search engines or why garbage station

(this map above website traffic statistics from

Shanghai love map)

(a figure as a case of the site traffic statistics

guess three: just say no matter to optimize the layout, is this station optimization level is really worth learning, 90% of the traffic from the search also is not easy, but from cluttered pictures, articles, publishing more have to say, you completely ignore the visitor, ignore your parents, because the visitor is you are the most direct Yisifumu, no traffic, popularity is not likely to result in advertising alliance. So whether Shanghai Dragon technology are cattle, website stay sub trusted users it is no use. So we must firmly master time > read more

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ndividuals and small and medium sized enterprises do not profitable for promotion

?Analysis of ?

2. on the busy and leisure time


two, then how do we analyze the malicious click time with

1. specific points to the

?What time do the

, from the analysis of several aspects of which peer click time

4. in what is busy

analysis: this busy time we can update the time from peer website content and check the chain release time to view their website is very easy to see that they are usually updated content and the release of the chain in what period of time.

5. what time leisurely read more

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