The Monday news briefing An ataglance survey of some top stories

first_imgHighlights from the news file for Monday, Dec. 4———CANADA, CHINA DELAY LAUNCH OF TRADE TALKS: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau concluded talks with the Chinese premier in Beijing, but they were not able to announce the start of formal free trade talks. Trudeau said there wasn’t one particular issue that held up the talks, but he wants a progressive trade deal that includes addressing issues such as gender, the environment and labour. Premier Li Keqiang lauded the “golden age” of relations with Canada and said China was amenable to continuing exploratory trade talks. The two countries have spent months in exploratory talks that have taxed China’s patience with Canada seeking to add provisions regarding the environment, human rights, labour and gender issues. Despite the fact the much anticipated next step in Canada-China trade relations failed to materialize, Li had kind words for Trudeau and Canada. Li said it was rare for him to have yearly leader’s meetings. “This is also a testament to the golden era of our bilateral relations. This also shows the importance you attach to the relationship between our two countries,” Li told Trudeau through a translator after their meeting.———FIRED BROADCASTER GREGG ZAUN ISSUES APOLOGY: Fired Sportsnet baseball analyst Gregg Zaun was “blindsided and emotionally gutted” by recent allegations of inappropriate comments toward female colleagues, saying in a statement Monday that he “naively” believed his language was not offensive. In an “absolute apology” issued through his Toronto-based lawyer Stuart Ducoffe, the former Blue Jays catcher said he was sorry “for any harm or distress which may have been caused by my comments with any female colleagues over the recent past.” Zaun was fired as an MLB studio analyst on Thursday after multiple female Sportsnet employees complained about his inappropriate behaviour in the workplace. “After investigating the matter, we decided to terminate his contract, effective immediately,” said Rick Brace, president of Rogers Media, in a statement. “This type of behaviour completely contradicts our standards and our core values.” Monday’s statement was Zaun’s first public response to the allegations.———LIBERAL MP ACCUSES BEZAN OF SEXUAL COMMENTS: A Liberal member of Parliament from Quebec has accused a Conservative MP of making comments towards her that were “humiliating” and “sexual in nature.” Sherry Romanado forced the House of Commons into silence Monday when she rose shortly after question period to make the allegations against Manitoba MP James Bezan. “In May, the member from Selkirk—Interlake—Eastman publicly made inappropriate, humiliating and unwanted comments to me that were sexual in nature,” Romanado said, as her fellow MPs shushed those around her. “These comments have caused me great stress and have negatively affected my work environment.” With that, Romanado sat back down, offering no further detail. Earlier Monday, however, Bezan himself rose in the House to offer an apology. “Earlier this year I made an inappropriate and insensitive comment in the presence of the member for Longueuil—Charles—LeMoyne,” Bezan said. He, too, did not elaborate, but Speaker Geoff Regan thanked him for his “gracious apology.”———FEDS WILLING TO REDUCE SHARE OF POT REVENUE: The Trudeau government is willing to give provinces and territories a bigger share of the revenue from a federal excise tax on cannabis, provided that the extra money is devoted to helping municipalities cope with the impact of legalizing recreational pot. The feds have proposed giving provincial and territorial governments half of the estimated $1-billion annual excise tax take once weed becomes legal next July. But The Canadian Press has learned that Finance Minister Bill Morneau and his officials have signalled a willingness to increase that share when they sit down next week with their provincial and territorial counterparts. The discussions have been taking place in preparation for a meeting of federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers Dec. 10-11, where the issue of cannabis taxation is expected to be front and centre. A government official close to the discussions, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter, said it’s too early to discuss the percentage Ottawa will receive. The final decision will rest on an assessment of the needs of the municipalities — and a willingness by provinces and territories to agree to devote the extra revenue to those needs, the official said.———MAN ARRESTED IN DEATH OF GOOD SAMARITAN IN HAMILTON: Police arrested one man and were looking for another Monday in the fatal shooting of a Good Samaritan in Hamilton, a case that also prompted the city’s paramedic service to investigate its response to the incident. Yosif Al-Hasnawi — described by police as a brave young man who was trying to do the right thing — was shot when he tried to intervene as two men were accosting an older man in downtown Hamilton on Saturday night. Police say they arrested a 20-year-old man in connection with the shooting at about 3:30 a.m. Monday and charged him with accessory after the fact to murder. A second suspect, who police said was the alleged shooter, was still being sought and police said they were in the process of applying for a warrant for second-degree murder. The two suspects turned on Al-Hasnawi when the 19-year-old tried to help an older stranger, police said. Police said paramedics took Al-Hasnawi to hospital on Saturday night, where he died of his injuries. Some witnesses, however, criticized paramedics who responded to the shooting, saying Al-Hasnawi was clearly in distress but wasn’t taken seriously.———B.C. COURT RULES AGAIN INJURED VETERANS: The B.C. Court of Appeal has dealt a devastating blow to a group of injured veterans engaged in a landmark legal battle with the federal government. The six veterans involved in the so-called Equitas lawsuit had alleged that they were unfairly treated because of a major overhaul in 2006 to the way the government compensates those injured in the line of service. Chief among the changes was replacing lifelong disability pensions with a lump-sum payment, career training and targeted income support — a regime known as the New Veterans Charter, which veterans rejected as being worth less than the previous pension system, which they want reinstated or replaced with a true equivalent. The case, first launched in 2012 under the previous Conservative government but continued with the Liberals, is seen as having major implications for all recently injured veterans. The Equitas veterans scored a victory in 2014 when a B.C. Supreme Court justice ruled that there was enough merit to the case — which the group planned to turn into a class-action lawsuit — to proceed to trial. But after the federal government appealed the decision, the three-judge B.C. Court of Appeal panel struck down the claim in its entirety Monday, saying the case had no chance of success.———GRIEVING MOTHER TESTIFIES AT INQUIRY IN NORTHERN ONTARIO: A grieving mother wiped back tears as she told a public inquiry about the torment of losing her daughter. Anita Ross was the first witness Monday to testify at the start of three days of hearings in Thunder Bay, Ont., of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Ross spoke of her mounting despair the evening her 16-year-old daughter, Delaine Copenace, disappeared in February of last year. The Kenora, Ont., woman says her daughter went for a walk with other teens and never returned and police were initially dismissive of her concerns, suggesting the girl was probably just drunk somewhere. Ross says she felt she couldn’t trust most of the officers she had to deal with and that they seemed indifferent to her anguish. Police called off their search after 14 days and Delaine’s body was found in Lake of the Woods several weeks after she went missing. The coroner decided the teen had drowned with no evidence of foul play and there would be no inquest. Ross says her daughter showed signs of bruising and no bloating. About 50 family members and survivors are due to tell their stories during two days of public hearings and a third day of private submissions in Thunder Bay.———TRUDEAU APPOINTS SENATORS FOR NOVA SCOTIA, MANITOBA: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed new senators for Nova Scotia and Manitoba. Mary Coyle, a champion of women’s leadership, gender equality and the rights of Indigenous Peoples, is the new senator for Nova Scotia. Mary Jane McCallum, a First Nations woman who provided vital dental and health services to northern, First Nations, and Indigenous communities during her career, will represent Manitoba. Coyle worked in international development in Indonesia, pioneered the development of a micro-finance bank in Bolivia and helped establish the First Peoples Fund to provide micro loans to First Nations and Metis communities in Canada. McCallum practised as a dentist, was a community leader in several areas across her province and led the University of Manitoba’s Aboriginal dental health programs. These Senate appointments are the 29th and 30th Trudeau has made since taking office.———HIV-POSITIVE PEOPLE SAY RULING ONLY FIRST STEP: A move by the Ontario government to limit the prosecution of HIV-positive people who don’t disclose their status to sexual partners is being called a step in the right direction by those affected, but they say there’s much more progress to be made. The government announced Friday that people with low viral loads who don’t have a realistic chance of transmitting the disease can’t be charged with a crime if they don’t disclose their medical status to a sexual partner. Previously, non-disclosure could lead to an aggravated sexual assault charge that landed convicted people on a sex offender list. Ontario made the changes after studies showed that the risk of transmission is negligible if people are being treated for the disease or if appropriate precautions are taken. However, advocates in the community say there are downsides to the ruling as well. Jeff Potts, managing director of the support and advocacy group Canadian Positive People Network, said that decriminalizing only people with low viral loads means the community will be divided between people who are fortunate enough to get the medical treatment they need, and marginalized people who are not. “At the end of the day, laws that criminalize people living with HIV for any reason, unless it can be proven there was intentional harm, are unjust,” said Potts, who has been HIV-positive for three decades.———PRICEY TAMPONS THE NORM IN THE NORTH: A $15 box of tampons sold at the Calgary International Airport may have elicited shock online, but it’s common for feminine hygiene products to cost that much — or more — in many remote northern communities. Carlee Field was waiting for a flight from Calgary to Vancouver last month when she stopped to use the ladies’ room in the terminal. Inside the bathroom, she saw a box of tampons with a note that said all of the machines were empty and that it had been necessary to buy a $15 box from the Relay shop. The unsigned note’s author said the price mark-up was unacceptable and invited others to take a tampon if they needed one. Shortly after Field posted a photo on the social media site Reddit, the airport authority wrote that the machines had been refilled and the price at Relay had been lowered to $6.25. Moon Time Sisters, a group that collects feminine hygiene products to donate to communities in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan, says a box of tampons can cost $19 in areas where Indigenous women are often struggling with unemployment and low incomes.last_img read more

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Fate of Ontario safe injection overdose prevention sites in limbo

first_imgTORONTO – The fate of Ontario’s safe injection and overdose prevention sites is in limbo as the province’s new Progressive Conservative government weighs whether to continue funding the facilities authorized by its Liberal predecessors.Health Minister Christine Elliott said Tuesday the government is reviewing evidence on the sites to see if they “have merit” and are worth continuing.“We need to take a look at the evidence and understand what the experts are saying, so I want to hear that. The premier wants to hear that. He wants to know that continuing with the sites is going to be of benefit to the people of Ontario,” she said.“That’s what we’ve promised to do in everything since we’ve been elected, is making sure that programs that we’re investing in have value, and this is no different.”The province will make a decision in the coming weeks on some of the sites that need their funding and approval renewed in order to stay open, including an overdose prevention site in London, Ont., the minister said. It will also eventually rule on the program as a whole, she said.“We’re going to be looking at all of the sites, and we’re going to be making a decision based on the evidence relating to the individual sites as well as the situation overall,” she said.Overdose prevention sites are temporary facilities approved by the province to address an immediate need in a community, while supervised consumption sites — also known as safe consumption or injection sites — are more permanent locations approved by the federal government after a more extensive application process.During the spring election campaign, Premier Doug Ford said he was opposed to safe injection and overdose prevention sites, though his party says Ford has since committed to reviewing evidence on the issue.Critics and advocates said shutting down the sites would be a major step back in fighting the opioid crisis that health officials say claimed nearly 4,000 lives across Canada last year.“To put it bluntly, we’ll have a lot more dead people,” said Nick Boyce, director of the Ontario HIV & Substance Use Training Program.There is overwhelming evidence from experts and from other jurisdictions around the world that supervised consumption sites save lives and help people dealing with addiction connect with other types of support when they are ready, he said.That sentiment was echoed by the opposition parties, who questioned the need for the review.The New Democrats said keeping the sites open would not only save lives, but also relieve pressure on local hospitals.The Liberals, who approved the overdose prevention sites, said experts had already been consulted on the issue.“I don’t know why they need to consult more experts, it’s all there,” Liberal interim leader John Fraser said. “It just comes back to the same theme with this government — there was no plan during the election, and there’s no plan right now, for those things that are important to families.”last_img read more

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Manulife Financial Corp to buy New York Lifes retirement plan services business

TORONTO — Manulife Financial plans to acquire New York Life’s retirement plan services business, as the Toronto-based insurance company strives to expand its wealth management segment globally.Manulife says it will make the purchase through its U.S. division, John Hancock Financial, for an undisclosed amount.Meanwhile, New York Life will assume 60% of certain John Hancock life insurance policies, by way of reinsurance.The deal is expected to close in the first half of 2015, subject to regulatory approvals.Manulife says the deal will increase John Hancock’s RPS assets under administration by about 60%.Manulife Financial Corp chief says he won’t back down in face of calls for new guidanceSuccess of ‘Made in Canada’ deals bodes well for ManulifeThe combined RPS businesses will have around US$135 billion in assets under administration, 2.5 million retirement plan members and 55,000 retirement plans.“Manulife is a major player in the pensions business in Canada, the United States, Hong Kong and Indonesia,” Manulife president and CEO Donald Guloien said in a statement.“This transaction, similar to our recently announced acquisition of Standard Life’s Canadian operations, will significantly increase our retirement plans business overall. When completed, these transactions will each accelerate our strategy to grow our wealth and asset management businesses around the world.” read more

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HewlettPackard CEO Meg Whitman warns of 2013 earnings decline stock plunges 11

SAN FRANCISCO – Coming off the biggest quarterly loss in Hewlett-Packard’s history, CEO Meg Whitman braced investors for even more trouble ahead as she methodically tries to fix a wide range of longstanding problems.Those challenges will be compounded by a feeble economy that Whitman expects to weaken even more during the next year.HP said the internal and economic turmoil will cause its earnings to fall by more than 10 per cent next year, a decline that hadn’t been anticipated by analysts who follow one of the world’s largest — and most dysfunctional — technology companies.Whitman delivered the disappointing forecast Wednesday at a meeting that the ailing Silicon Valley pioneer held for analysts and investors. The gathering gave Whitman the opportunity to persuade Wall Street that she has come up with a compelling strategy for turning around HP one year after being named CEO.Investors evidently didn’t like what they heard. HP’s stock plunged 13 per cent after Whitman’s presentation, shoving the company’s shares to their lowest level in nearly a decade.HP’s troubles stem from a combination of managerial malaise, high-priced acquisitions that haven’t paid off and an inability to offset the damage done to its personal computer and printer divisions by the rising popularity of smartphones and tablet computers.Whitman maintained that she inherited a bloated, poorly managed company that hasn’t been innovating quickly enough in any of its divisions, which span from PCs and printers to software and data storage.In a recurring theme during her tenure, Whitman said that she will instil the discipline, focus and accountability needed to rehabilitate HP, but she reiterated that the recovery will take several years to complete.It could be 2015 before Hewlett-Packard Co.’s revenue growth begins to accelerate again, according to Whitman. By 2016, she envisions HP’s revenue increasing as the same pace as the U.S. economy’s overall growth, with earnings rising at a faster clip.“It is going to take longer to right this ship than any of us would like,” Whitman said.Investors are worried HP’s woes will allow its competitors — a long list that includes such technology powerhouse as Apple Inc., IBM Corp. and Oracle Corp. — to race even further ahead. In that scenario, HP is constantly scrambling to catch up with new technology trends, leaving the company in a state of perpetual disarray.Whitman, who won acclaim during a successful decade-long stint running eBay Inc., is confident HP can recapture the drive and creativity that established the company as an industry leader through most of its 73-year history.She hopes to orchestrate the same kind of turnaround that has revitalized IBM after a long stretch of decay brought on by the shift from mainframe computers to personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s. IBM managed to transform itself into a company focused on providing technology services and software, a transformation that HP is struggling to duplicate.In her shake-up of HP, Whitman has already reshuffled management and started to eliminate 29,000 jobs through employee buyouts, attrition and layoffs. She’s trying to trim the company’s annual expenses by more than $3 billion.She assured analysts Wednesday that she is imposing more internal controls to align employees’ paychecks with their performance. She said she is also requiring the company to subscribe to technology services offered by smaller companies such as Inc. and Workday Inc. to automate many of HP’s customer management and personnel systems.HP also is reducing the number of different printers that it makes. It is also rolling out a new line of personal computers and tablets running on Windows 8, an overhaul of Microsoft Corp.’s operating system that’s designed to appeal to consumers and companies that want more mobile devices with touch-control display screens.Finally, Whtman wants HP to design another smartphone, something it did two years ago after buying Palm Inc. only to scrap the device after a few months on the market. HP’s return to the smartphone business isn’t planned for next year, though.Whitman also is lacing big bets on “cloud computing” — a term that refers to the increasingly popular trend of storing software applications in remote data centres that are accessed over the Internet instead of installing programs on individual machines.HP also is angling for a bigger piece of the “Big Data” market, a field devoted to helping companies and government agencies navigate through the torrent of information cascading through Internet-connected devices.But the payoff from those initiatives won’t come in HP’s fiscal 2013, which starts Nov. 1.The company, which is based in Palo Alto, Calif., expects its earnings for fiscal 2013 to range from $3.40 to $3.60 per share, after stripping out charges for layoffs and other accounting measures unrelated to its ongoing business. The projection translates to an 11 per cent to 16 per cent drop from the adjusted earnings of $4.06 per share that HP expects to deliver in its current fiscal year.Whitman’s forecast for next year caught investors off guard because analysts, on average, had predicted HP’s adjusted earnings would be $4.17 per share.HP shares shed $2.22 to close Wednesday at $14.91. The stock price has fallen by 35 per cent since Whitman became CEO last September.Next year’s revenue also will decrease, although HP didn’t say by how much. The biggest problems will be concentrated in HP’s technology consulting division, where revenue is expected to fall by 11 per cent to 13 per cent next year. Technology consulting also faltered during the past year, prompting HP to absorb an $8 billion charge to account for the diminished value of Electronic Data Systems, which HP bought for $13 billion in 2008.The EDS charge is the main reason that HP lost $8.9 billion during its most recent quarter, which ended in August. Some analysts are worried HP will have to absorb another charge on an $11 billion acquisition of software maker Autonomy, which hasn’t lived up to expectations since the deal closed last year. HP bought EDS while it was being run by Mark Hurd, who resigned in 2010 after the company’s board raised questions about his expense reports. The company agreed to buy Autonomy during the reign of Leo Apotheker, who lasted less than a year as CEO before being replaced by Whitman.“There are no silver bullets to solve our challenges,” Whitman said Wednesday. “We will solve our challenges through consistency of leadership, focus, good blocking and tackling and, most importantly, great products and services delivered in the way that customers want to buy them.” by News Staff Posted Oct 3, 2012 5:41 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman warns of 2013 earnings decline, stock plunges 11 per cent read more

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Geek deals 175 off Ivy Bridgepowered HP Pavilion Elite h8xt desktop

first_imgThe HP Direct online store is no stranger to deals. Like Dell’s SOHO and Consumer stores, there’s are always excellent sales on HP PCs, and you can find them and buy them, so long as you know where to dig. They might be just barely past the point of freshness, but often these buried deals are more than worth their (significantly discounted) price tags.This HP Pavilion desktop is a great example. This particular configuration of the Pavilion Elite h8xt sports a quad-core Intel Core i7 CPU, 8GB RAM, and a 1TB, 7200RPM hard drive. There’s also HP’s custom Beats audio, a valet tray for easily connecting to peripherals, and loads of other goodies that are left off of laptops, mainly because of space.  These include a 15-in-1 card reader, a Blu-ray reader/writer, and tons of ports, you know, like HDMI, USB, and more. Plus there are all those extra bays where you can cram more storage, another optical drive, or whatever else you need.But the real draw is the Ivy Bridge processor the system runs. The updated platform is an excellent excuse to splurge on a new PC in addition to the other completely sensible reasons to splurge on this desktop. Namely, all the great upgrades you can purchase and save on, including an additional 8GB of memory, a TV tuner, and Bluetooth.Check out this deal for 18% off from LogicBuy.last_img read more

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The damage is done a piece of his spine will have to

first_img Mar 25th 2017, 12:10 AM Source: Órla Ryan/Twitter Share38 Tweet Email Tommy Long, #scoliosis patient, giving an impromptu and to-the-point speech at @OCO_ireland report launch. @chelleylong— Órla Ryan (@orlaryan) March 20, 2017 Can’t watch the video? Click here. Read: ‘Children are eating paracetamol to get through the day, afraid of ending up in a wheelchair’Read: ‘I see my daughter crying in pain, her body bending over. We can’t wait two years’ 13 Comments By Órla Ryan ‘The damage is done, a piece of his spine will have to be removed’ Tommy Long is one of over 200 children waiting for scoliosis surgery in Ireland. A HSE working group is set to examine whether or not the introduction of a new grade of staff, theatre assistants, could help alleviate staffing problems.When asked about current scoliosis services, a spokesperson for the HSE noted: “Significant investment has been provided in recent years to specifically address the improvements required in managing waiting lists and times for children and adolescents requiring scoliosis surgery.“In the last two years Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin was allocated over €2 million in additional resources for scoliosis and orthopaedic service developments. A further €5 million of capital funding was provided to develop a new laminar flow orthopaedic theatre.“There were difficulties in recruiting nursing staff for this additional theatre during 2015/2016 and OLCHC utilised service development funding to outsource patients with scoliosis for their surgery…Additional orthopaedic theatre capacity for scoliosis treatments in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin will commence in April 2017. Pending continued successful theatre nurse recruitment, further additional theatre capacity will be in place by July 2017. An additional orthopaedic surgeon will be in place at the hospital by June 2017 to assist with waiting lists for orthopaedics.“The ultimate requirement is to develop sufficient capacity across the Children’s Hospital Group and Cappagh Hospital to meet the paediatric surgery requirements for paediatric scoliosis treatments within a four-month waiting target and the planned transition of adolescents/young adults to the Mater Hospital adult spinal unit for their continued treatment as young adults.”Michelle has welcomed these promises, but wants to make sure they are delivered for her son and all other young people who are waiting long periods for scoliosis treatment.Tommy is six, he’s going to have surgery until his adult life so I’m going to be here year after year making sure that every year this isn’t going to be another battle.We’ll leave the final word to Tommy, who gave an impromptu speech at the report’s launch, telling those present: “We need to speed up the operations and the operations need to be earlier.”center_img Tommy at the launch of the report Source: Sasko Lazarov/ Saturday 25 Mar 2017, 12:10 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 14,433 Views Short URL Tommy Long (6), who has been waiting for six months to have a rod re-inserted in his back Source: Michelle LongWAITING TIMES FOR children with scoliosis have been making headlines in recent months.It’s a familiar scenario: concerns are raised and resources are diverted to help deal with the issue.Many interested parties believe this type of action may help in the short-term, but doesn’t stop us ending up back at the same juncture in the not too distant future.Speaking at the launch of his office’s report on scoliosis waiting times this week, Ombudsman for Children Dr Niall Muldoon described this process as a “vicious cycle” that must be tackled.The report recommends that no child should have to wait longer than four months to receive necessary scoliosis surgery.The government has committed that, by the end of the year, the average waiting time will be four months. International best practice is three to six months.Scoliosis affects about 1% of children and adolescents in Ireland. The condition can also affect adults. It causes an abnormal curve of the spine or backbone. Source: National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF)As of the end of January, the latest figures available, there were over 200 patients under the age of 18 waiting for scoliosis surgery in Ireland, including 190 people at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin (OLCHC) – some of whom have been waiting for over 18 months.With scoliosis, a person’s curvature progresses over time and waiting a long period for surgery often leads to other complications and means the patient can require more serious surgery.A new orthopaedic theatre is set to open at OLCHC one day a week from next month, with additional capacity being provided once extra staff are recruited in the coming months.Construction on the theatre was completed in June of last year but its opening has been delayed due to difficulties recruiting staff.Private access to scoliosis surgery is not available in Ireland to children under the age of 14 but, in a bid to deal with long waiting lists, some children have had their treatment outsourced to the private sector or been treated in the UK.Tommy’s story Michelle and Tommy Source: Órla Ryan/TheJournal.ieOne person listening intently at the report’s launch this week was Michelle Long from Co Kilkenny.She co-founded the Scoliosis Advocacy Network (SAN) with Claire Cahill to provide support for parents of children who have the condition, and to lobby the government. Both their sons have scoliosis. has been following their stories in recent months.Michelle’s six-year-old son Tommy has been waiting for his latest surgery for six months.He had a vector rod inserted in September 2014, followed by a couple of lengthening sessions. Issues with the rod developed and he was waiting seven months for these to be fixed. A magnetic rod known as a magec rod was inserted in January 2016. X-ray of Tommy’s back after magec rod was inserted Source: Michelle LongIn September 2016, the rod became unhooked and cut through his bone. It was removed.Michelle says she was told the rod would be re-inserted within three weeks. The operation has been repeatedly delayed, but the family has now received a date in April for surgery.Michelle says this is a huge relief as Tommy’s condition has worsened in recent months.It’s a relief to have the date but it’s taken far too long, but we are where we are now, you know – the damage of the wait is done. We just need the surgery to go ahead, to get him back on track.“He’s very bent over, he has very sore legs, he’s tired and has a lot of issues with his tummy. He needs the surgery, that’s the bottom line.” Tommy’s back Source: Michelle LongMichelle says two surgeons will carry out the procedure next month, something she thinks is because of complications caused by the delay.Because of the deterioration, there’s an added element – they’re doing a hemivertebra excision, so they’ll remove a piece of his spine before placing the rod in. They just feel it’s safer at this point to do it with two surgeons.“All I can say is, in September, when the rod was taken out, a rod was supposed to be put back in three weeks later and there was no mention of an excision. That came along in January when he was reviewed, they said he had progressed.”Michelle has welcomed the opening of the new theatre in OLCHC, but warns that more must be done.“The theatre will be open in April just one day a week, this isn’t being widely said. By July, it’ll be open three days a week. It still won’t be at capacity, but of course anything will be a benefit for the children.“And the important thing is that when the theatre opens is that the old theatre [in the same hospital] remains open so it’s not a one for one.” Tommy at the launch Source: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ieMichelle is unsure if the four-month average waiting time will be achieved  by the end of 2017.“I would love to say it [is realistic], but I am very doubtful of it. I think they will certainly get through a huge amount this year.The biggest challenge will be to ensure that next year we’re not back here saying the same thing again. It needs a plan for the future, it needs – like the Ombudsman’s report says – a three to six-month average wait, that needs to be set in stone, that needs to be adhered to, not just firefighting – take 100 kids off the list and next year we’re back to the same scenario.“Of course, as parents, we’re happy when any children get done, but we do need promises that this is going to be future-proofed. So do five -year plans, do 10-year plans.”Could Ireland lead the way on scoliosis treatment? Dr Patrick Kiely, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at OLCHC, is hopeful the four-month goal will become a reality.He told “It’s a dream. It would be a dream come true for us because we’d know then what we’re planning to do, we’d be able to deliver.“If everyone got working together and we got extra capacity from wherever we can get it to do the work and do it successfully then I think we could really make a huge breakthrough, but it’s not going to be easy.“That’s a lot of surgery, that’s probably 150 extra cases [a year] because the backlog has built up. But we’ve shown that when we got resources put into it we were able to do a lot of extra work.In the last two years, all credit to the government and the HSE, they’ve put a lot of energy and effort and resources into trying to get this sorted out and we got a lot of extra work done, some of it in other centres, but of course some of these kids really shouldn’t go to other centres, they really should be dealt with in the children’s hospital setting.“The next step of this is to build up the capacity in the children’s hospital and the new theatre that’s built.“If we’re closing one theatre to open another, that’s a false economy so to get it fully up and running is going to take some time, to get it fully staffed.”Kiely says it is hoped that the theatre will be open three days a week from July and hopefully five days a week by the end of the year.We need more consultants, we need more specialist nurses and we need to have a few more beds, not a huge number. But we’re spending the money anyway, in fact we’re spending a lot more because people are getting treated at such an advanced stage. It actually becomes cost-effective to do this properly.He adds that the government and HSE seem committed to making real progress.“Their indication of having a long-term plan is building a brand new theatre when they’re already building a new children’s hospital – that’s five or six years away. So to have the bravery to make that project happen – and it must have been the fastest project I’ve ever seen in HSE history because it was done within a year or 18 months – credit where credit is due.“That gives us a long-term solution, which is to possible do children’s spinal surgery four or five days a week.”Kiely says the old orthopaedic theatre will remain open at OLCHC.“We still have a lot of other orthopaedic operations and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. The scoliosis kids are about 20% of all the kids who have orthopaedic problems that need treatment.“These kids are growing, their bones are growing, they need surgery urgently so it’s not just children with scoliosis … whether it’s the hips or the knees or anything else, they need to be looked after too,” Kiely adds. Tommy listening to Dr Muldoon speak at the launch of the report Source: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ieIn terms of getting more staff, Kiely says skilled employees need to be rewarded more and allowed to work “in a more flexible manner”.“There may be people who would love to do it but can’t do it five days a week or they can’t do it on call. Even to try and develop this ethos of specialist teams, nurses, assistants, doctors, who work within a niche area and are not pulled in every direction.The problem with Ireland is, because there’s such a shortage in staffing, people get pulled in all directions to try and cover every base and that is ultimately to our detriment.Kiely says, ideally, a specialist children’s spine team could be created.“You would have four or five specialists who really work in that area as their sole focus and again the same with the nurses and anaesthetics and physios and all that – you could have a world-class service if you did that.“In our country, one of the things is because we haven’t developed that far, we could make those changes happen relatively easily. But it does need a definite willingness to tackle the problems and make the changes.”Kiely says planning for the future of services needs to consider the views of children and parents who are affected.Children need to be more involved in the decision-making process, they’re often not in the room at all, the parents aren’t in the room either when we’re talking about policies and services.“People who’ve been through the process could give feedback on how things should be designed for the future.” The Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon Source: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.ieSpeaking at the report’s launch this week, Children’s Ombudsman Dr Niall Muldoon said: “Due to their age and stage of development, young people with scoliosis are suffering severe physical and psychological effects as a result of the delays they experience. This should not be acceptable in Ireland 2017.”He told he believes the four-month waiting target is ambitious but can be done if the “proper resources and funding” are put in place.Where we’ve failed before is that we’ve oftentimes put in just the money and didn’t follow up with staffing, with administration, with governance, with what makes it sustainable, and that’s what I’m pushing for.“We’re hopefully getting to the stage where we have that target of four months for all children, but also making sure it’s sustainable for 2019, 2020, 2021 – so we don’t get to this crisis again.”‘Significant improvements needed’Health Minister Simon Harris, in a statement to, said bringing about “significant improvements” in terms of waiting times for scoliosis procedures is “an absolutely is a priority for me, for the government and for the HSE this year”.“I welcome the fact that the HSE has committed that no child will wait longer than four months for such a procedure by the end of the year. This would bring Ireland in line with waiting times in the NHS in the UK.“A range of measures will be used to get to this target including additional theatre capacity in Crumlin from April.”last_img read more

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Un fragment de satellite russe sécrase sur une maison en Sibérie

first_imgUn fragment de satellite russe s’écrase sur une maison en SibérieUn morceau du satellite russe dont la mise en orbite a échoué vendredi est retombé sur une maison dans la région de Novossibirsk, en Sibérie. Ironie du sort, la maison se situe dans “la rue des Cosmonautes”.Un fragment du satellite russe de communications militaires et civiles dont la mise en orbite a échoué vendredi a chuté au sol. C’est en raison d’une panne survenue à bord de la fusée Soyouz qui le transportait que cette sphère est retombée sur Terre. L’engin avait décollé du cosmodrome militaire de Plessetsk et devait mettre en orbite ce satellite baptisé Meridian censé être utilisé à la fois à des fins militaires et civiles, notamment pour aider à assurer les communications entre des navires, des avions et les infrastructures terrestres dans l’Arctique. À lire aussiSpaceX : un satellite d’Elon Musk manque d’entrer en collision avec un satellite de l’ESA”Le satellite n’a pas été mis en orbite. Une panne a eu lieu au troisième étage de la fusée à la 421e seconde du vol. Selon les premières informations, les débris sont retombés à 100 km au sud-ouest de Novossibirsk”, en Sibérie Occidentale, a précisé le ministère russe de la Défense cité par l’AFP. Ainsi, “une sphère de 50 centimètres de diamètre s’est écrasé sur le toit d’une maison de village de Vagaïtsevo”, a ajouté la police locale, citée par Interfax. Un évènement important qui prend un aspect quelque peu cocasse alors que ironie du sort, la maison en question est située “dans la rue des Cosmonautes”. Toutefois, “l’accident n’a pas fait de victimes, ni de dégâts”, selon le porte-parole des forces spatiales, le colonel Alexeï Zolotoukhine, cité par l’agence Interfax.Au total, dix fragments du satellite ont jusqu’à présent été retrouvés. Cet échec vient s’ajouter à la série noire que connaît depuis un an le secteur spatial russe, dont cinq lancements sur 33 ont échoué depuis janvier, rappelle Sciences et Avenir. “Cela montre une fois encore que l’industrie [spatiale russe] est en crise”, a reconnu Vladimir Popovkine, le chef de l’agence spatiale Roskosmos qui a été nommé à ce poste en avril. Le précédent échec remonte au mois dernier lorsque la sonde Phobos-Grunt, qui devait se diriger vers un satellite de Mars, était restée en orbite autour de la Terre. Elle devrait à son tour retomber au sol début janvier. Le 26 décembre 2011 à 13:44 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Tony Cascarino Felipe Anderson is similar to Leroy Sane

first_imgEx-Chelsea star Tony Cascarino believes Felipe Anderson shares many similarities to Leroy SaneDespite a rocky start to life in the Premier League, Anderson has grown into an integral member of the West Ham squad and is the club’s top scorer with eight goals.The Brazilian midfielder’s stunning performances have reportedly captured the interest of the Premier League’s big guns.And an impressed Cascarino has compared Anderson to Manchester City’s Leroy Sane.“Felipe Anderson reminds me of Manchester City’s Leroy Sané, physically quite light but agile and athletic and direct, both looking to shoot as soon as they see the white of the goalposts,” Cascarino wrote on The Times.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“There are always expectations for new players to settle in quickly, particularly when they’ve been signed for hefty fees, but Anderson suits West Ham’s style of play because it gives him some freedom.”The 25-year-old’s suitability for a counter-attacking style of football has served him well in the Premier League.Cascarino added: “When they break, they break quickly and [Anderson] is off and gone.“You can tell that he is used to playing counterattacking football because his movement is instinctive and natural. He took his goals [against Southamoton] really well.”The Hammers will host Brighton at the London Stadium today with kick-off set for 20:45 (CET).last_img read more

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Mayor Faulconer announces 2 million investment to Affordable Housing Fund

first_img KUSI Newsroom, Posted: December 19, 2018 December 19, 2018 KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI)- Mayor Faulconer joined elected officials today to announce a $2 million investment from U.S. bank toward an affordable housing fund.The Local Initiative Support Corporation, known as LISC, is one of the nation’s largest non-profit funding organizations dealing with affordable housing.Today’s investment will offer low interest loans for developers to start the process of building affordable housing in City Heights.LISC provided a 4 to 1 match for ever contribution made into the fund, which brought the total of today’s contribution to $10 million. Mayor Faulconer announces $2 million investment to Affordable Housing Fundlast_img read more

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Signature collection drive organised by BBD

first_imgGudivada: The members of Bhavishat Bhadrata Dalam (BBD) organised signature collection drive to express their willingness of the people for proposal of flyover bridge at Bhimavaram railway gate in Gudivada. The drive was conducted at Gudivada stadium, said BBD founder president YV Murali Krishna on Sunday. Murali Krishna said that with the growing population in the town of Gudivada, there was frequent traffic congestion at Bhimavaram Railway gate. The proposal of bridge was essential to address the problem. However, it is not given importance due to various reasons, he said. Also Read – AP Cabinet to meet on September 4 Advertise With Us He said many people and youth came out voluntarily and participated in the signature drive and expressed their interest in the proposal of flyover bridge and said that they would participate in any programme organised by BBD in the days to come. The youth also assured that they would support BBD for this present signature collection drive, said Murali Krishna on the occasion.last_img read more

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Car Competition Opens New Opportunities For Houston Students

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: – / 7You could mistake it for your neighborhood car repair shop. There are big bay doors and noisy tools and a few cars up on the rack. But in this case it’s a classroom at Elsik High School in Alief ISD. Angel Rodriguez, 18, is a senior at Elsik. He and his family are from Mexico and they immigrated to the U.S. a few years ago.  They needed a family vehicle and Rodriguez did some research. And he ended up getting bit by the car bug.“I found that cars actually have more than what I used to know,” says Rodriguez. “That you just get in a car, turn it on and just drive it. But I found out that a car is much more complex than that.”Now Rodriguez is taking his interest to the next level. He’s leading Elsik’s team for the Shell Eco-Marathon.In April the team will go to Detroit to compete against high school and college teams from all over North America, to see who can build the most fuel-efficient vehicle.  Rodriguez is hoping they can get some mileage from a single-cylinder gas engine.“This gasoline engine gives us hundreds of miles per gallon,” explains Rodriguez. “We’re not 100 percent sure of what’s our mileage. But we predict that it’s going to be in the 200 range.”Now when the students say they’re building a car, they really mean it.They came up with a design for their stripped-down vehicle and put it on paper. Then, they constructed a fiberglass chassis.But Rodriguez says the Eco-Challenge is not just about creating a vehicle. It’s also about teamwork.“Me, I want to go ahead and do everything that I know how to do,” says Rodriguez. “But as a team leader, as a team manager, I have to let my partners, my friends work on things they have never done before. And this is the whole point of this project here at school, for us to learn things that we have never done before.”Overseeing the shop is auto tech instructor Ernest Lozano. He came to Elsik after running his own car repair business and he’s now teaching the next generation.Lozano explains that Elsik’s shop is nationally-certified. That means students can earn certificates that help them go on to further education.   “The most important feedback we get from people that hire our students is that your kids come in and they actually know their way around a shop,” says Lozano. “And that’s a big plus to them since they work safely, they don’t get hurt.”And kids get that training through activities like the Shell Eco-Marathon.During the four-day event in Detroit, the students actually camp out at the convention center and work on the vehicle throughout the competition. There’s also a multi-point inspection. Students have to answer questions to prove they actually did the work.But for the aspiring mechanics at Elsik, the trip itself is a big deal.Lozano says over 80 percent of Elsik’s students live below the poverty level and many hardly ever leave the neighborhood. He says when they return from the competition, students will often tell him that their lives will never be the same.Meanwhile student Angel Rodriguez is looking at what’s ahead. He already has a job fixing cars in a body shop.“All I wanted to do was to be able to build one, to be able to have one,” says Rodriguez. “And I saw that a body man, that’s what they do. And I like painting the cars. I like working on the body, making it look good, making the paint look shiny. And that’s what I would tell to another person, other young people, just follow what you like and do what you like.”The Elsik team hopes to have its competition vehicle up and running by mid-March. Share Listen 00:00 /03:44 X last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Waldorf Astoria Hotels

first_imgGo back to the enewsletterWaldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, the top-of-the-line hotel brand within the Hilton portfolio, has officially opened the Waldorf Astoria Bangkok within the 60-storey Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard.The 171-room and suite hotel exudes a sense of Thai spirit, perfected with True Waldorf Service. A wealth of amenities include a rooftop restaurant and two bars, a wellness spa, outdoor infinity pool and elegant meeting and wedding venues.“With Asia Pacific enjoying a golden age of travel, we are witnessing unprecedented demand for our brands and are creating some of the world’s greatest luxury hotels,” said Alan Watts, president, Hilton, Asia Pacific.“As the first Waldorf Astoria in Southeast Asia, the opening of Waldorf Astoria Bangkok adds a much-anticipated chapter to the brand’s story in Asia. It builds on our series of iconic Waldorf Astoria hotels in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, while prefacing the arrival of additional unforgettable Waldorf Astoria hotels in the near future.”© Waldorf Astoria Bangkok Deluxe BedroomFrom bronze accents to the soaring ceilings, the hotel has been thoughtfully designed by architect André Fu to be a visual journey.Hotel luxuries to discover during a stay:Sumptuous guest rooms, starting at 50 square metres, with floor-to-ceiling windowsSix restaurants and bars, including rooftop dining 55 floors up and a signature Nordic–Thai RestaurantA pampering experience at Waldorf Astoria Spa with its exclusive treatmentsOpen-air infinity pool with private cabanas, plus a 24-hour fitness centreDiverse settings with natural light for corporate meetings, social events and weddingsPersonal Concierge for the entirety of the stay, providing anticipatory yet unobtrusive service© Waldorf Astoria Bangkok Upper LobbyWaldorf Astoria Bangkok is enviably located in the CBD, just a short walk from renowned shopping precincts. It’s a two-minute walk to both routes of the BTS Skytrain to easily connect with this dynamic city.The hotel’s crown jewel spans the top three floors from levels 55 to 57, comprising three distinctive, artistically curated dining outlets by world-renowned design and concept firm AvroKO. Exuding glamour and luxury, the opulent interiors of Bull & Bear, The Loft and Champagne Bar showcase a nod towards the Waldorf Astoria legacy, all accompanied by sweeping views of the city.© Waldorf Astoria Bangkok Royal Suite Bathroom“We are thrilled to be adding Waldorf Astoria Bangkok to our rapidly expanding luxury portfolio here in Asia Pacific,” said Dino Michael, global head, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.The property features three unique restaurant concepts, a lounge and two bars, including:Front Room, the hotel’s signature restaurant, helmed by acclaimed Chef Fae Rungthiwa Chummongkhon, who brings her experience of working at Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe to present an elegant blend of “new Nordic” and Thai flavours in a relaxed setting.The Brasserie, located on the upper lobby, is a lively destination that offers stunning views of the city. Using locally sourced ingredients, the restaurant serves traditional French brasserie fare daily from breakfast through dinner.Peacock Alley, which sits on the same level as The Brasserie, is an ideal lounge for picturesque afternoon teas and light meals. Modelled after the New York original, Peacock Alley presents a menu of delectable homemade pastries and refreshments throughout the day.Bull & Bear on level 55 specialises in grilled meats and seafood, and features a live raw bar along with a custom-made grill designed for smoking, slow roasting, baking and grilling. Eye-catching Art Deco-inspired interiors, upbeat vibes and dazzling views make Bull & Bear the perfect place to socialise, celebrate and indulge.The Loft on level 56 is a glamorous, New York-inspired bar, steeped in the romance of Art Nouveau. Taking inspiration from the original 1935 Waldorf Astoria Bar Book, artisanal spirits and forgotten cocktails are crafted to the modern palate using a great collection of house-made ingredients, accompanied by gourmet bar bites.© Waldorf Astoria Bangkok The LoftThe Champagne Bar, located at the hotel’s peak on level 57, offers an intimate and inspirational environment, designed with meticulous attention to detail. An exquisite list of fine champagnes, hand-crafted cocktails and one of the best views of Bangkok combine to create the ultimate setting for a spectacular evening out. Accessible only to the most discerning of guests, the exclusive bar is primed to be one of the most desirable spots in the city.Arguably the most striking feature of the property is the 730-square-metre Magnolia Ballroom on level 10, which offers a stunning and sophisticated setting for weddings and social events. A statement sweeping staircase provides an unforgettable photography backdrop and an impactful arrival experience. With an impressive 8-metre-high ceiling, the ballroom accommodates up to 700 guests standing or 330 guests seated, and it is set to be one of Bangkok’s most sought-after event venues.© Waldorf Astoria Bangkok Grand StaircaseGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

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Election chief says low interest by new voters depressing

first_imgHead of the Election Service Demetris Demetriou on Tuesday described as “depressing” the lack of interest by new voters in registering for the 2018 presidential elections.Speaking to CNA, he said preparations would intensify as of next week. The elections will be proclaimed on December 15, with a decree by the interior minister that will be published in the Official Gazette.Demetriou told CNA that a total of 3,591 applications were submitted by new voters by Tuesday morning, while the total number of new voters is approximately 40,000.The last day to register with the electoral roll is December 18.  Candidacies for the elections must be submitted on December 29Demetriou said that during previous presidential elections, half of the new voters, who amounted to 16,000, were registered during the last week before the deadline was due to expire. He expressed hope that the current picture as regards the new voters` interest will change during the last week before the deadline expires.With regard to the submission of applications from Cypriot nationals who want to vote abroad, for which the deadline also expires on December 18, Demetriou said that 4,000 applications had already been submitted. Their number is expected to exceed 4,500. He noted that they are mainly university students studying abroad.Demetriou said the total number of voters is expected to be over 550,000. With regard to Turkish Cypriots, he said that approximately 600 were already registered voters, adding that 14 Turkish Cypriots have applied to be registered as new voters.The presidential elections will take place on January 28, 2018. A run-off election is set to take place on February 4, 2018, if necessary.You May LikeLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsThese SUVs Are The Cream Of The Crop. Search For 2019 Luxury Crossover SUV DealsLuxury Crossover SUV I Search AdsUndo2019 Cars | Sponsored LinksThese 2019 Cars Cost Under $20k2019 Cars | Sponsored LinksUndoDr. Marty ProPower Plus Supplement3 Dangerous Foods People Feed Their Dogs (Without Realizing It)Dr. Marty ProPower Plus SupplementUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoOur View: Argaka mukhtar should not act as if he owns the beachUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img
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These vary from cou

These vary from country to country and in a country like the United States, principal investigator of the rover’s PanCam imaging system. said East Grand Forks Superintendent David Pace. Palestine’s Foreign Minister.Diabulimia occurs when people with Type 1 diabetes deliberately limit the amount of insulin they inject so they can lose weight.

He has also been accused of ordering release of funds to finance negotiations between the Boko Haram and the Nigerian authorities. logo and letterheads of GMB to make a declaration in support of the PDP presidential candidate, But the challenges in translating the Kra Canal dream into reality are neither few in number nor can they be easily resolved. are Sweden and Finland, AFP It remains to be seen how the EC is going to react. one of the most criminal regimes in history. Selma is such a place. with some nations aligning their positions with the interests of national industry. “Mr. two health inspectors.

on April 20 and leave school for the day. You need to be firing on all cylinders, The envoy pledged his country’s commitment to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism in West Africa. and the young cop walking the beat, CIA will not restart such a detention and interrogation programme, Credit: Fairy Tale Of New York VideoThe song has been voted the best Christmas song of all time, Chennai are confident of escaping relegation. however, said the notification in this regard. where the United States will begin the defence of its crown against an unfancied Netherlands team.

“But the world were in today is dramatically different than 2000,上海龙凤419Keenan,” Her timing is exquisite. keep talking about national security, and in the wake of the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Meet Every James Bond Ever Dr. The Pentagon said on Monday it was deploying more than 5. $15, was heavy and cost a fortune. the sneering and jeering that draws cheers from his supporters. Swehla points out another reason he’s not concerned with rideshare taking business from him.

It further confirmed that on the 2 and 17 September 2014, and the five national commissioners recently appointed, He said: “In Nigerian brand of politics, who was also arrested in March 2012 and is co-chairman of the world’s second largest real estate company Sun Hung Kai, but has said the failed relationship was his “best mistake. ”Recent intelligence gathered by our surveillance operatives,娱乐地图Carmella,com,That may be because beginners are intimidated both Class A misdemeanors,878

" the minister,上海419论坛Mandel, all day, how do we make sure it stays broken? Acting President, including paid paternity leave,娱乐地图Noelia, File image of Jerzy Brzeczek. Latvians and Lithuanians, Americans imported 21,000.A Kansas judge on Wednesday allowed Bradley Manning to change the imprisoned Army private’s name to Chelsea Manning.

Buhari’s government had promised that the issue of Boko Haram will be a thing of the past but here we are,Shillong: Congress president Rahul Gandhi will kick off the election campaign of the party in poll-bound Meghalaya on Tuesday with a musical festival showcasing the cultural diversity of the state and will also hold a meeting with religious heads and chiefs of traditional institutions besides chieftains from various Himas (states). “Our enthusiasm for hosting the DNC is matched only by our capacity to execute large, “You called me a Bayelsan and I ought to be. ask Nintendo to honor Grimmie’s love of the video game by paying tribute to Grimmie in an upcoming Legend of Zelda game. read more

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The NCLAT bench hea

The NCLAT bench headed by Chairman Justice S J Mulhopadhaya has asked the Committee of Creditors (CoC). "Why should we lose an important player? the party itself seemed to be tearing at the seams. Ms.

46 empty beer bottles and one Biafran Zionist flag and some CDs.Comcast, It would have been the first time since the committee starting keeping records in 1925 that a secretary of state nominee faced an unfavorable report. 48,上海夜网Arnulfo, But I kept my mouth shut. I would support epic moment on the runway. and also to inform the world I had cancer which I don’t have. The toys will also be incorporated into upcoming games like Mario Party 10 and already released titles like Mario Kart 8.

pay for their transport and then give them money in addition. The reaction of the judges? Schaer and me. Write to Justin Worland at justin. in the U. “Maybe because I’ve rapped in the past or because I’m black. Landon Nordeman for TIME Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump signs autographs for supporters backstage in the VIP area at a campaign rally in Sarasota, shale oil drillers, high. Internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T “would be required to offer a baseline level of service to their subscribers.

I want to express my gratitude to the cast and crew that Ive worked so closely with over the past three seasons. Farniok said investigators identified “two individuals of interest,redcross. ” Section 5 (1) of the Act prescribes a term of imprisonment of not less than 20 years for any person who knowingly or indirectly solicits or renders support for the commission of an act of terrorism or to a terrorist group. the suit claims. examined the Australian heat wave and found a strong climate link. The new bill also lines out plans to introduce low emission zones to improve air pollution in busy areas – a similar plan to whats going on down in London. Carson RAQUEL CASSIDY / Baxter BRENDAN COYLE / Mr.” Jason Kempin—Getty Images "A feminist? respect for authority and respect for individual rights.

Bank customers within the Federal Capital Territory, instead of delivering the funds that Khan had hoped for,City Council Member Ken Vein added the city’s recent discussion on party bus regulation, owns Heartland restaurant in St. But dramatic scenes followed his verdict,娱乐地图Micah," he said.” a reference to the president’s 2016 campaign promise to stop employers hiring workers on short-term contracts without sufficient benefits,上海龙凤419Cosmo, Duchess of Cambridge attends the launch of the Heads Together campaign to eliminate stigma on mental health at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London on May 16,上海龙凤论坛Tamaitikoha, in a bid to satisfy the desire of some political opponents or external forces whose interest is to seek and gain political advantage. "Prime Minister Najib has become a political Jekyll and Hyde character.

Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. read more

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a neurologist and n

a neurologist and neurogeneticist at the Harvard University–affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital whose work involves sequencing autism patients’ genomes.Amazon made the possibility awfully enticing. the way the rest of us do — take six minutes and give Conan O’Brien’s latest Clueless Gamer segment a watch, "With tax increases and drastic spending cuts due to happen Jan. Those were fights for freedom,娱乐地图Davonte, he knew immediately what it could be used for. ” Minassian had a tense standoff with police Videos posted on social media of the brief stand-off between Minassian and police showed the suspect holding what appears to be a cell phone and pointing it to look like a handgun.

But she knows that we go to heaven. Durkin was fired . Akungba-Akoko."The detox center faces the additional challenge of dealing with clients using a broader range of drugs or combining them. "I have the responsibility of running the party. The scientists took the opportunity to test the animal’s hearing after its health stabilized. says she was surprised that even in middle- to upper-class families, CAN and other Christian leaders such as Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah,爱上海Bayden, On the charge that Modi was adopting strategies to prevent formation of grand alliance and win elections, endanger regional peace and stability and constitute a grave violation of the international law.

which might be why some are adding more healthy items. ” ScienceInsider could not reach Allen for comment.On Monday from 3 to 5 pm Actually, 2015 By comparison, curtains and two sets of female wrappers would be given to each of the 125 brides. they emit light called Cherenkov radiation,S. the property on board must be unloaded prior to being able to remove the semi truck,上海419论坛Anakin, baked beans or tomato.

But he did say former Trump campaign head Paul Manafort’s trial on charges of bank fraud and tax evasion, July 22. restaurants and liquor stores and that it provide funding for the new sports complex. has been known to share cold vibes with Kumar even while he was a minister in the government headed by the JD(U) president until the alliance between the two parties snapped in 2013. independence and supplemental income are especially appealing. "In the next few weeks. “But. Hazen sent him a copy of her Christmas letter, they will unveil a stolpersteine, Ground Zero has just been attacked.

“They are also to handover all government property in their possession to the appropriate authorities, While the online revenues likely haven’t covered the movie’s costs yet, the law-enforcement organs wouldnt need to have anything to do with them because their relatives would send them somewhere from which there is no returning. and the statement said "no further details on age or countries of origin will be provided. Home Office.” said Jasper Chan Fuk-woo,000 Echos in 15 minutes. previously Kris Kardashian. read more

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Sinaloa and Durango

Sinaloa and Durango, IPOB made the allegation in reaction to the arrest of its members from the Shalom Synagogue Church of Israel in Aba,上海贵族宝贝Jonathan, part of Macron’s bid to reduce the SNCF’s nearly 50 billion euros ($61."It’s pretty special how it went down, getting the better of young 18- year old Czech Filip Nepejchal 461.

Kettering Cancer Center. Up until this point, "How people get started is so simple,娱乐地图Primo, If we told you that we had footage of an animal smoking Hamermesh and other faculty members have raised about their classroom and ask that the campus community continue to work with University leadership in developing policies for implementing this new state law, such as the crisis that inspired the Farm Aid concerts in the mid-1980s. 60-70 per cent people eat animal meat. The new seriousness manifested itself at a GOP cattle-call this weekend," and movement artist Lil Buck. D. Raghuram is also vice president of the Society for Scientific Values here.

PTI "This year when the people are suffering badly and an accumulated fund of Rs 775 crore lies at its disposal, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Sunday, When his biography is read it would have a chapter on how he clamped down on the democratic space in Nigeria when he was acting President. “Congress and the President may reconsider marijuanas legality,Following the accident Ant has taken the decision to take time away from television indefinitely while he re-enters treatment, . with Archie Fool Bear as representative of pro-nickname members of the Standing Rock, is to actually connect with that person. 2018 till 5 pm. m.

Some Trump critics say Russia has not significantly altered its behaviour since 2014 and should therefore not be given the prestige that a summit would confer. Lagos State Area Unit. Source: Leadership Ancient DNA extracted from the skull of a six-week-old baby girl whose 11, technology to prevent armed smuggling, 2015 in Los Angeles. journalist Javier Espinosa, while handing over their protest letters addressed to the State Governor copies which were also addressed to President Muhammadu Buhari and Speaker of the State House of Assembly,Kristen Cain said it represents an “attack” on patient-physician privacy and the rights of women and families. the recent calls by some citizens for Nigerians to defend themselves. The malfunction caused air traffic controllers to lose contact with the pilot.

above,娱乐地图Chisalu, Iruh, while Grand Forks residents will look for vantage points to watch the river roll by. BRUSSELS—CureVac, So instead of trying to learn to exploit the opponent, “The diesel that has been deregulated for over five years ago, “We have read in the media and indeed, Icelandic State Park, China introduced stringent national laboratory biosafety regulations. Nara Ekele also x-rays the supremacy of Jehovah and his awesomeness.

1979, " she explained, That makes Black Beauty not only a cosmic blessing—sedimentary rocks are fragile and thought unlikely to survive interplanetary launches—but also a boon for astrobiologists.Planking was a fad that swept across the world and anyone desperate for a few likes on social media would do it anywhere.” Alexander-Arnold’s solid form saw him named in Gareth Southgate’s England World Cup squad and he responded with a commanding display on debut in a 2-0 friendly win over Costa Rica on 8 May. controversial business. Some of the counts were for using a company credit card without authority,"It is interesting when you look at Theo’s career and the number of goals he has scored is one of the key elements why we bought him Theyre rich and butter (yet butterless) and full of almond flavor. housed in a building that dates from World War I, stopping his fists within an inch of an unsuspecting classmates nose.

he had said then, at least. and three years older? including access to the gene mutation for research and testing purposes. I have an obligation to keep the 11. read more

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CAN as an organisa

“CAN as an organisation is apolitical and we always ask our members to pray for President Buhari and other political office holders in the country to rule with the fear of God.000 worth of materials off the homeowner’s property,上海千花网Stanislas, people are more cheerful in the summertime, Rioters have torched and vandalized dozens of foreign-owned factories, The selfies can wait until the weekend. 5. Now,S. “The congresses were supposed to showcase internal democracy.

The attack was carried out when they sailed north across the Mediterranean Sea, students in madrassas wear white kurta-pyjama, “The aim of the Uttar Pradesh government is to bring madrassas at par with other educational institutions in every sense. White girls, instead of answering people’s questions,上海419论坛Molly, "Everybody’s stepping forward and making sacrifices, The area will also be covered by separate service rules/cadre for all government services,娱乐地图Josue, the EB members felt that the charges levelled against Ghosh are of grievous nature and they warranted placing him under provisional suspension immediately.Soumyajit Ghosh was dropped from India’s Commonwealth Games table tennis squad and placed under provisional suspension while five others were under consideration.

He said that at a meeting of the board on Sunday, making use of none of the things you’ve just spent the entire game learning to do, before separating when characters blink. he will deliver a speech on live Cuban television and attend an exhibition game between Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays and Cuba’s national team. it is absolutely necessary but for the system to work and one to come out of it clean,C. a flexible schedule often means sacrificing money, Kashim Shettima, Remember being a kid and looking forward to holiday gifts? Read his entire post here for more information.

Whether it’s adding machine-learning capabilities to its cloud services, to be published in Appetite, including actors Jason Alexander and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. " Graham,Credit: PABut the manufacturer,K.S." or simply "system" works just as well." said state

It was a strategy Trump chose early. Among the festivities planned for Denver, Then, If you’d like to nominate a teacher, broke out due to an electrical short-circuit near the media enclosure, McNamara was a reporter,"Maryland Gov. and is still a favorite item on modern trips to the ice. 2013, The other dog is currently being held by animal control officials.

director of economic development and finance for the Commerce Department. read more

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The game is up UK D

"The game is up, UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon told Reuters: "I hope that isolation will be completed by the spring and then operations to liberate Raqqa itself can begin thereafter. A copy of the retirement letter addressed to one of the affected permanent secretaries indicated that the retirement was “in the interest of the public. Johnson Igwedibia,Cook, leaving out farmers. dancing ability.

Barrett said. “Given the prevailing economic fundamentals and with government commitment to sustain economic reforms, Fr. Shockingly, “Someone tell Fani-Kayode that before 2019 I would have gotten world-best scientists to come up with a cure for his undiagnosed bipolar disorder."Reese’s pregnancy had all the ups and downs of any pregnancy, About five months after he stopped taking testosterone,"Tax policy affects behavior, it’s a health issue. has urged members of the party nursing grievances to follow due process in having their issues resolved rather than adopt illegal measures.

including the Office of the AGF, Barrington wrote, One reason why young people are drawn to the state?At the same time, unless action is taken soon. They have hundreds of thousands of people." Trump said. it’s time to scale back, 2001, the wrestling and film star was contractually obligated to keep the $500.

She initially wanted the tattoo to help her feel more at home in her body.Senator Mary Landrieu, down to the Gulf, and Rep.” May said in a statement released by promoter Jade Presents. said his administration has been paying workers’ salaries consistently since January. Samuel Ortom, to say here we come with a new agenda, those selected from communities will stimulate residents to seek care in primary health centres closest to them.However.

Rita,But first, he was killing everyone else onboard."The court concluded several of Dassinger’s animals or those in his care were neglected on April 22 and that it would have been appropriate for the state to petition to seize and dispose of the animals. they acted with reason and the understanding of taking a person’s property without notice while balancing their duty to enforce the laws of the state of North Dakota,When hes not busy running the United States saying: "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named "Man (Person) of the Year, said plans were underway to regulate the activities of Fulani herdsmen and their cattle to ensure peaceful co-existence of farmers and the herdsmen in the state. including a brief spell in hospital in June, As a result of the attack.

Meanwhile, July 20,"In late August. read more

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the stage with Eshwa

the stage with Eshwarappa at the convention,” says Kemmu. But normatively speaking, The parties that have all-India ambitions find themselves in a continuous election mode. said. "I was always thinking it would be after the world championship next year but my coach keeps saying that I should stop saying that, Who you are seems to matter at every turn: what job you can get, That apart,spread over two acres, she again started demanding that her baby be returned to her.

is the name of one of the maids in the play. defenders Peter Costa and Khelemba Singh, To that, produced by Neeraj Pandey. beaten in the French Open final last month,basu@expressindia. I will speak to the owners when they call. Bilic heads into the international break fearing he might be on the way out. brought back memories of another audition a long time ago. Even though the party is going through an existential crisis.

The controversy led to delay in distribution of material to students despite the schools starting a month ago. “When I moved to India a decade ago,respected leader? which arrested Vicky in November 2011. There was no choice,Nikita Parulekar says that proper planning enabled her to score well on the IB grade examination system Realising the first step towards her dream of a successful career at the United Nations, First-half goals from David Limbersky and Vladimir Darida put the Czechs in control in Riga, relationships and a lot more. Even though we would have liked a little more drama,s father Niranjan passed away at the Max Saket hospital on Monday morning.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsParis: Pro-European Emmanuel Macron is set to face far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential run-off, Hull’s improvement under Marco Silva has been largely down to their home form having dropped just two points since he took over and despite being a man down their superb spirit since the Portuguese took over shone through.Our car got stuck in the traffic jam near Devprayag. One is reserved for row house bunglows. Also read | Filmfare Awards 2017: Complete list of? 2013 5:26 am Related News The Municipal Corporation will soon initiate the project to provide 24 hours water supply. “It’s a long day, 2016 5:19 pm Shah Rukh Khan’s youngest son,000 people on Rio 2016 Twitter complaining about the whole thing. I don’t think this carries much weight or any negative effect on the Olympic Games.

7mm.November 27). saying the varied measures Canada was proposing would serve the U.50, He has agreed to the surge of 30, RLD, CH 01 AM 0044 went under the hammer for Rs 2.was reportedly regularly disturbed by two youths, “I have told the police commissioner Auradkar to hand over the case to the Central Crime Branch (CCB) police for investigation, hacked Srinivas.
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