During the new year and Spring Festival labor shortage reproduction of the express industry cry pite

morning news reporter Peng Xiaoling Li Xinxin

domestic companies seeking part-time phone ringing; the hotel due to manpower shortage on a dish to wait half an hour; because of a shortage of manpower, some courier companies face explosion site…… Morning news reporter yesterday to investigate the courier, housekeeping, food and beverage services after the three industries found that this year’s Spring Festival, although slightly later than in previous years, but before the labor shortage has emerged. read more

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Cross border O2O platform Hello world was 30 million Pre A round of investment

23, China (Hangzhou) cross-border electricity supplier park business Hello World cross-border O2O electronic business platform announced the signing of cooperation projects with New Zealand, and favored by the capital, access to the 30 million round of Pre-A investment intentions. "Hello world" global duty-free shopping mall formally launched on August 2015, belonging to Hello World cross-border electricity supplier group, settled in cross-border electricity supplier park in October 2015. read more

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Jingdong officially launched the global purchase platform business and selling will be fined 20 time

Jingdong officially launched the global purchase platform business and selling will be fined 20 times the penalty

[TechWeb] April 15th news, Jingdong today officially launched the global purchase of cross-border electricity supplier platform. Consumers can easily purchase from the United States, France, Britain, Japan and other countries and regions of high-quality goods.

according to reports, the global purchase platform on the first line of more than 150 thousand kinds of goods, brand number more than 1200, with more than 450 stores, including maternal and child supplies, food and health care, nursing makeup, clothing shoes and hats and many other products. read more

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Taobao on behalf of the operating platform for hundreds of people suspected of fraud cheated nearly

Chinese according to voice of "news" reported that recently, there are many listeners to reflect the voice of China, they suspected fraud Taobao generation operation platform of a company called "Tao Le China", cheated the number reached hundreds of people, the amount of nearly one million. It is understood that Taobao these entrepreneurs, just pay a fee, you can enjoy China Amoy music provided by Taobao shop decoration, promotion, brush drill, a series of service supply and customer service, almost no effort, you can "lay money". read more

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How to do not reduce the wine inventory How to set up a single product inventory management

inventory management is the key to the success of the retail data, but also the daily management in the focus of the problem, can be said that the level of inventory management directly related to enterprise cash flow, and holds the lifeblood of


for the majority of the catering industry, beverage consumption is the largest customer in the store, especially hot summer, coupled with the world cup, wine sales are very high. In Changsha Hexi three years of food and beverage store owner Lee said that the summer is the wine season, coupled with the world cup, the store sales of beer surged more than 50%. read more

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Without fear of the industry reshuffle a hundred responses to a single call to turn the crisis to bo

global financial crisis in 2008, affected by the macroeconomic downturn, the domestic e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises in the winter are "frozen" at the end of last year, there are many e-commerce companies to stop operations, including once received venture capital international business net, Tootoo at the end of 2008 officially put into commercial operation since the operation efficiency has been poor NINETOWNS, was forced to close all of its services and related support services. Analysis of the industry, this is just a prelude to e-commerce business reshuffle, in view of the global economic crisis test, e-commerce sites or will usher in a new round of integration. read more

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Wang Shutong dare to challenge Alibaba is no longer representative of all

good will have reason.

from the beginning of 2007, ChinaVenture Investment Group will launch "CVAwards year the most potential enterprise 100" list at the end of each year are. This is a recognition for those who work hard for one year, for those VC/PE institutions in the ocean of investment opportunities in the project, it is a guide.

we will be on this list, based on a direct dialogue with the leaders of the company on the list, and try to explore the path through which they stand out. Today, we have introduced to you, is the founder of the Dunhuang network and CEO Wang Shutong dialogue. read more

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Alibaba registered trademark sea Amoy cross border Adventure

Abstract: the electricity business sector will face a bigger and more threatening trademark event than the "double 11" trademark event in 2014. Now all the cross-border electricity supplier, whether the existing Jingdong, vip.com, jumei.com, Amazon, or a new format, no license may never again use "sea washes" two words.

Ali sea Amoy registered trademark

titanium media note: remember that a "double eleven" trademark dispute, we make almost a half day "double eleven", originally already is now Ali read more

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Micro business is good green new media has become the first investment by DG micro operating compa


in July 20, 2015, the country’s top micro Shang operators company of Shenzhen city green Media Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "green new media") won the famous international investment institutions IDG millions of dollars in capital Angel round of investment, the valuation of the company has billions of dollars. Green new media also became the first domestic international venture capital micro operating company of the Shang dynasty. It is reported that the new media are beginning in March 2015 of a brand operation trader, only 3 months of sales has billions of dollars. read more

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Electricity supplier draft law for the first time to consider the people’s Congress to encourage and

China News Network December 19th (reporter Jin Huihui) twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held in Beijing from twenty-fifth to December 25th in December 19th. The first meeting of the Standing Committee of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee for consideration of the "e-commerce law (Draft)".

in recent years, China’s rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, has formed a certain industrial clusters and transaction size. The development of cross-border e-commerce, is conducive to the improvement of China’s opening up strategic layout and optimization and upgrading of foreign trade, to promote the "The Belt and Road" construction and implementation of the strategy of free trade zone, the formation of a new system of opening up. read more

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Dai Renguang Taobao station outside the huge market demand for marketing

who did not think, today Taobao can play to the extent of numerous low sensitive electronic network operators rely on Taobao to build up the family fortunes which is quite remarkable,. Taobao big sellers of party a must be discussed is how to wash out, Taobao is a relatively closed environment, past sellers rarely come into contact with the external network environment, of course, the external service provider is also almost inaccessible, even unable to pay attention to the rise of Taobao business groups. This pattern has been to the emergence of Ali mother, that is, the emergence of Taobao alliance, was broken. Taobao customers quickly activated Taobao station outside the marketing of this fresh market. read more

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How to attract the weariness of grass root of online education

said in a formal discussion before the title of the view, I would like to introduce the concept of two elite, Curve Wrecker and weariness of grass root.

school tyrants elite is such a group of people: they do not blame the environment, can withstand the boring theory, a strong patience to tap knowledge, they can easily learn the nutrients they need. They can use their strong learning ability to discover and learn what they need.

tired of grass root is a group of people: they hate theory, demanding environment, lack of patience, it is easy to give up. Even if you tell him that he can’t find a job and can’t go to college, they don’t have the patience to get bored. read more

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n 2014 the 13 companies most likely to counter attack

in 2013 the birth of a number of hot start-up companies, into the new year, what will be the development of start-up companies. BusinessInsider on which one of the most promising to make their own judgments. Some of them are currently facing human or technical difficulties, but the new year will be staged a counter attack, is also one of the attraction. PS. these 13 have to do the payment or financial management, it seems that this is a big trend, oh,!

Birdi: the next Nest?

mentioned intelligent Home Furnishing, we first thought should be Nest (on behalf of the product with temperature controller and intelligent alarm, click to see, but the function of intelligent alarm reports) Birdi production is more comprehensive, can detect the smoke and the content of nitric oxide, and through the intelligent mobile phone alarm when an emergency occurs. In addition, this intelligent detection device can also determine other ingredients in the air, the air quality of the family breathing. At present, the public investment in the site IndieGogo Birdi $50 thousand financing plan, has raised $25473. read more

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Heavy pound Shen Tong announced the depth of the layout of rural logistics into the cold chain

15 evening, Shen Tong announced and the county agricultural electricity supplier service provider security kitchen reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation in the aspects of network construction, the county rural logistics service, the warehouse with the service and safety of agricultural products into the community. This should be the first action after the listing by the end of 2016 STO bell in shenzhen.

it is understood that the cooperation with the kitchen on the first line to start the flow of traffic. After the bilateral cooperation, Shanghai will become a new traffic entrance security kitchen store, use Shentong network traffic with an considerable kitchen business platform effectively activate the rural market, give full play to the "Internet plus", opened a "new world" for the sale of agricultural products door. , read more

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Taobao mall to test the waters of the pharmaceutical industry the pharmaceutical Museum on the line

DoNews news in June 20th after a Taobao three, its B2C platform Taobao mall announced the test of the pharmaceutical industry, Taobao mall Medical Library (http://s.yao.tmall.com/) on the same line. Shanghai Meida pharmacy, Beijing Golden Elephant Pharmacy, Hangzhou Jiuzhou pharmacy, Jiangxi happy people of Yunnan Baiyao pharmacy and pharmacy and other 5 pharmaceutical companies as the first partner in Taobao mall collective.

it is understood that the cooperation of Taobao mall pharmaceutical stores are all made by the State Food and Drug Administration online retail drug qualifications, to ensure the provision of drug safety. Taobao mall Medical Museum to display the types of goods, including non prescription drugs (OTC), health products, medical equipment, household items, and prescription drugs are not allowed to sell. read more

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The face of May Day golden week should be optimistic

‘s philosophy tells us that things have two sides. The holiday is approaching, this year 51 is Born Under A Bad Sign taste, first holiday time has shrunk, and the economic crisis — this year’s golden week 51 what can we bring? We will take what kind of attitude to face


economic collapse response integrity

in the first quarter of 2009 for the world economy is the beginning of a turbulent and disturbed, the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered a large-scale economic recession in the global spread, leading to the global economic downturn. The most direct impact is the United States, even the high unemployment rate throughout; let the Americans are proud of the automobile industry is in the mire of the economic crisis, the government had to intervene, ruling auto giants or apply for bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions. Have written Chinese world famous textbook American car city – Detroit, also fell in the economic crisis, the glory of the past no longer left people devastated, the unemployment rate in Detroit is 3 times the U.S. average, a direct result of population decline, from the original 1 million 800 thousand people reduced to 800 thousand people. read more

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Fashion electricity supplier website JustFab financing 85 million valued at 1 billion

the fashion electricity supplier website JustFab announced recently completed a $85 million round of financing. Outside of the company’s valuation also increased to $1 billion.

Pando.com according to foreign media reports, the U.S. fashion electricity supplier website JustFab announced recently completed a $85 million round of financing, by the new investor Passport Special Opportunity Fund lead investor, existing investors Shining Capital, Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover and Ventures with the cast. read more

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UNQLO parent company to open global internship plan

February 10th, the parent company of Japan, UNIQLO fast retailing group announced that the group will be officially opened in April 2017 with a global internship program. The project will cover 16 regional markets, including Japan, China, the United States, aimed at promoting the rapid development of the global brand group. In the first year, the group launched a public plan to recruit 100 interns through the project, from April 2017 to start the internship.

currently, the first batch of recruitment has been launched from the Japanese market. Since February 10th, domestic students and international students who are studying in Japan or graduated from Japanese universities within 3 years are eligible to participate. After the written examination, interview and other necessary assessment measures, outstanding candidates will enter the fast selling group IT, supply chain, product development and other departments to expand 1-3 months internship. Excellent interns may also be under the supervision of the Department’s head to enter the fast marketing group full-time work. read more

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A loyal why small and medium enterprises to stay good network promoters

in a push Moderator Group, talk about a promotion problem inadvertently, our moderator Guangyu, after helping a online shopping promotion, the boss did not see the effect to buckle a month’s wages. But after A Zhong observed after it was found, the mall traffic now, mostly from the pan out the effect of promotion.

so, for this situation, why the boss will think this way? Here, ah Chung had to talk about why the small and medium enterprises are difficult to stay good network promoters, the problem! read more

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Network sales is the first performance or first friend

said, is to do business contacts, especially in Chinese this special humane country, this one is particularly prominent, it will remember to choose a major in college, I want to choose the marketing results, uncle a word to dispel the idea of me and he said, what marketing, you sell for a long time in front of the boss is also not worth a call to the boss. His words implied the strongest message is to do sales is to do contacts, relationships.

now I’m serious disagree, because these words, almost killing me, I do specialized sales of hot rolled plate in a steel enterprise, specializing in network marketing, the boss spent a lot of money in the online China steel spot opened membership, to take care of me. Remember when the boss said, Meng Meng ah, remember, do sales is to do contacts, you do not rush out a single, will build up the connections. Adhering to the instructions of the boss, I rely on China’s iron and steel network of huge popularity of positive activities in its online exchange of various corners. read more

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